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The War for the Elden Ring is a game where the tactics of the individual units are not limited by the size of the army, but are instead in direct opposition to the enemy units, in addition to being defended by the hero, your army. The battle strategy is drawn from the Elden Ring, where the individual units are in direct opposition to one another, but due to their nature, cannot directly attack or defend one another.

You are regarded as the embodiment of the Lands Between, a person with a powerful weapon forged from the essence of lightning. You descend into the underworld to master the true power of light, and traverse the vast country known as The Lands Between, where you can create your own alliance with other Lords.


At the height of the battle, a large fortress appeared. The tower was erected with the help of a magic potion. This fortress is the grounds on which the Alliance stands. The Alliance is the creator of the rules of the War for the Elden Ring. The Alliance allows you to enter the Name Den. This is a place where most of the conflicts taking place in the War take place. The Alliance represents the hearts of all of the Lords. At the moment, the Alliance has a new Master, Tarnished. Tarnished is a half-elf who died and now is reborn, and the very incarnation of the power of light to be in combat.

This new game, “Elden Ring”, is a fantasy action role-playing game that is close to real-time.

The Fantasy World
The War for the Elden Ring takes place in a world of fantasy where the constant lightning and deep blue sky are imbued into the scenery. Among the beautiful scenery, there are enormous dungeons and intense battles where the awe-inspiring combat is represented in the light that appears on the battlefield.

The World of Elden is Full of Excitement
In order to explore the beautiful scenery and exciting battles, you have to move forward. The system is based on action RPG (role-playing game), where you can freely explore and take advantage of the surroundings, and will have a deep sense of satisfaction even if you are alone.

A World where You can Choose Your Own Style
From the character creation screen, you can freely choose the stats of your character. You can increase your muscle strength or concentration, or activate your magic. The character can be customized freely, as well as every attribute, skill,


Features Key:

  • Cross-Platform Multiplayer
  • Local Co-op Mode
  • Online Co-Op Mode
  • Cross-Platform Online Matching
  • New Online System
  • Thrilling Fighting System
  • In addition to these features, players will also be able to enjoy Ring of the Lustre Online.


    What’s that?
    That’s right; you’re Yorunake, Gremlin’s Belle Dallas!


    The legendary lands of the Elden Ring have seen and will see the demise of many heroes.
    Yorunake, a man of his word, and Gremlin, a fate-carrying warrior, will fulfill their promise to the land.
    The man or fate will you decide?

    Story written by Hiro Mashima.

    Story and Scenario written by Hiro Mashima.

    Art Director: Haruyuki Okoshi

    Music Director: Yuki Kajiura

    Chief Character Designer: Masaya Saitou

    Dive into Core by Mad Future

    Keep Wrestling Archive

    BY: Shota, @sh


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    Elden Ring (Latest)

    is an RPG that you can enjoy for free.
    The game revolves around the story of a Tarnished Lord who attains the rank of an Elden Lord.
    As such, the development team of the game is adding new features and upgrading the gameplay that have not been implemented in the past.
    To the general public, the gameplay is not yet implemented and is still being developed.
    PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT SOMETHING FROM THE GAMEOVER. We have prepared a long time before the release of the game so please wait until the game will be launched.
    The time that you can play the game is extremely limited and will expire on November 27th, 2016 (UTC +9).
    The pre-order items are items that provide you with an advantage before the release of the game.
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    If you purchase


    What’s new:

    < Recent Updates>

    Added the Abilities of the Night Card to Balance the Match
    Made Abilities Affected by Spirit Use More Visible
    Tweaked Ranking Outcome Grid Contents
    Added New Evo Cubes
    Improved GM Interface to Reduce Screen Glitches

    You can also choose your weapon type and equip your weapon preferentially according to your goals. (You can find the weapon type “weapon” info in the Development Roadmap.)
    < Consumable Items>
    Gems (Weapon attunement)
    < News>

    < Development Roadmap>

    1) Elites
    2) Dwarves
    3) Humans
    4) Beasts
    5) Devils
    6) Elf
    7) Halfling
    8) Goblins
    9) Demon/Hell Beast
    10) Winged Demons
    1) Body Section
    2) Clothing Section
    3) Accessory Section
    4) Equipment Section
    5) Equip – Item (accessory – Weapon)
    6) Extend
    7) Hat – Knight
    8) Hat – Rogue
    9) Hands – Dexterity Bonus
    10) Hand – Skill Creation
    11) Headgear – Helmet
    12) Shoes – Shoes
    13) Weapon – Sword/Bow
    14) Armor
    15) Skill
    15) Materials
    16) Jewelry
    17) Item
    18) ConsumableItem
    19) Shield
    19) No Message
    1) Challenge a Player
    2) Versus System
    3) Multi Multiplayer System
    Multiplayer System
    1) Battle
    2) Guild Battle
    3) Party Battle

    < NEW CANON <
    – New Equi
    All Creatures Possess Equi
    1) New Equine Species
    2) Equi Species Based on Mother’s Species Name
    – New Male Styles based on Equine Species
    – Optional Color change for the horses

    < Performance Impact>
    1) Increased Skill Rating per Unit Equip
    2) Added Crystal Scroll <


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  • Elden Ring: Definitive Journeys is an Indie game developed and published at Nevyn. It is an offline The Tarnished Lord fantasy action RPG adventure with Fantasy setting. It was released on Aug 29, 2016 and published by Nevyn.
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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows – OS Version: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    Processor: 800 MHz
    1 GB RAM
    Video card: 256 MB
    DirectX: DirectX 9.0
    i – OS Version: WinXP/Vista/7/8
    How to Install:
    Download the.exe file.
    Run the.exe file.


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