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The Tarnished Lords, a tribe of mortals that has inhabited the Lands Between since ancient times, and the Riders, the faithful servants of their God, been at war for generations. Many times they have faced the threat of the Holy Order, led by the mysterious Red Queen, who threaten to eradicate the Tarnished Lords.

You will be able to choose a side and become a Tarnished Lord, or, if you already have a Tarnished Lord, the Rider you can choose to become.


Step in to the world of Tarnished World and take up the role of a Tarnished Lord, who wields a weapon and has a mount, or a Rider, who is not armed but always equipped with a saddlebag and is able to ride their mount.

Depending on your decisions, your skills and stats will increase, and you will be able to use new weapons and accessories. Your journey will lead you to new dungeons and conflicts.



As you travel, you gain experience points and spend them on levelling up.

Even when you gain the Horse Skill, the stats will increase.

In other words, by levelling up, your stats will increase.

In other words, when you gain experience points, the stats will increase.


The experience you gain is divided into experience points, and your stats and skills will increase based on the level of the experience points.


By increasing the experience points, you will be able to increase your stats and skills.

By increasing your stats and skills, you will be able to gain a more powerful character to defeat enemies and clear the dungeons.


By using the left- and right-hand buttons to move your character, you can navigate the world.

The arrow keys will be used to select actions, such as attack and use skills.


Although the gameplay of this game is simple, combat is lively and the exploration is thrilling. You will need to plan your route while taking into consideration the navigation and the speed at which the enemy attacks.



Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Unique Online Play: Enjoy an online play with your friends as well as the monsters (makes it possible to effectively enjoy a multiplayer game while still being able to enjoy it with solo players as well)
    (3P mode)
  • World of Adventure: Explore a vast world full of excitement while creating your own character to explore it.
    (Lite mode)
  • Epic Drama: An epic story in which the various thoughts of characters meet in the Lands Between.
    (Lite Mode)
  • Diving In and Out: Live a fantasy drama filled with excitement while looking for new quests and playing with a high sense of accomplishment!
    (Lite mode)
  • More Classes and Items Than Ever before! Live a fantasy drama filled with excitement while playing as a mage, black smith, or bounty hunter!
    (Lite mode)
  • Elden Ring Recommended Features:

    • In addition to LITE mode, this application includes both the create mode and the adventure mode.
    • In create mode, you can freely create your own character.
    • In adventure mode, you receive the challenges set by others from time to time, such as quests and tasks.

    Please check the attached content for more details, thank you.


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    Elden Ring Crack With License Key PC/Windows [April-2022]

    1. “THE CLIMBING ROAD – The Adventure Begins: What is the power of the Elden Ring?

    I feel the same as when I was taken in by my parents, and I immediately knew this was something important. I was also told that I would be given a choice to decide what I wanted to be called… That is to say, there is a big story ahead of you. I decided to help you find your own path in the story.”

    2. “THE CLIMBING ROAD – This is where the story begins, a big story in front of you.”

    3. “THE CLIMBING ROAD – The treasure. Players are given a choice, and to find the elixir, we must find this treasure.”

    4. “THE CLIMBING ROAD – This is where we will begin to forge our own paths. Whatever you choose to become, you must become an Elden Lord.”

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    The player character has leveled up and has a high skill level, but has not begun to equip its own items. The current state of the player character is set to “Tarnished.”

    Upon the player’s first use of the Tarnished quality, the player character will appear as a Tarnished.

    The player can equip items, such as weapons, armor, and magic, of various classes.

    The player can increase the player character’s skill level by training in dungeons or the Estense palace.

    As skills increase, the abilities of the equipable items can be improved.

    Basic Information:

    * Character Customization is open. The maximum level of characters can be set to a high level.

    • Skill Boosting with Training

    The player can progress through the game by training in dungeons or the Estense palace. Training in the Estense palace will increase your skills, while training in dungeons will increase your level.

    Furthermore, the player can begin to train in dungeons or the Estense palace even if the training skill level is low.

    • Item Declassification

    Items can be classified into 4 classes according to their strength. Using them increases the user’s stats, and their skills can be improved.

    * Please note: The number of crafting skills will decrease during the trial period. Crafting that is not used during the trial period will no longer be usable.

    * Please note: The number of archaeology skills will decrease during the trial period. Archaeology that is not used during the trial period will no longer be usable.

    * Please note: The number of combat skills will decrease during the trial period. Combat that is not used during the trial period will no longer be usable.

    * Effects of items can also be changed.
    * Magic and combat skills can be combined to form new skills.
    • Mounts:

    You can use mounts in the game.

    There are mounts that operate from the saddle, mounts that use the mouse cursor, and mounts that are faster than the character’s speed.

    You can set the speed of the mounts according to your situation. In the game, the player can switch the mounted and walking modes.

    * Battle Mechanics:

    There are many types of battles such as a continuous battle, a timed battle, and a random battle


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


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