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A few months ago, I created the “v0.0.2” beta of Rifidi Emulator. It was a great success. So, I released the “v0.0.1” version. That was a high-quality beta and I don’t think I’ve ever had a more successful release.
Today, I released a “v0.0.1.1” beta. It has about 600 downloads in a few days. It has improved the ability to connect to readers and to remove trackers. It also adds a new feature.
What’s new in this version?
The “v0.0.1.1” beta adds an embedded viewer to the command window. Using this viewer, you can look at the packets coming from the different applications. It also comes with a Wireshark/Ethereal like tool. So, it’s much easier to analyze the communications through your reader devices.
What’s new with the embedded viewer?
This viewer allows you to look at the packets in the same way that you can with the wireshark/ethereal tools. It also adds a “Data Viewer” tool. You can check the data coming from the reader device in a more visual way.
How to install?
See the “README” file.
The users that already have the 0.0.2 version can easily update to the v0.0.1.1 version.
I can’t install it for me?
It is not possible. Read this post to know more about why.
I use a Windows PC. Do you have a Mac version?
See here.
When I can connect to the reader device?
See here.
Rifidi readers are now compatible with Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. It has a new way to check security.
Rifidi Encryption
See here.
Rifidi: reader project ideas
You can develop apps based on the Rifidi SDK and reader platform. Here are some ideas:
Rifidi: web application framework
A web framework to create RFID applications.
I want to make the reader work as a server?
Yes, it is possible. See here.
We also have a Google group to discuss ideas about the project. Check it out:
What’s next?
Rifidi Emulator 1

Rifidi Emulator Crack+

The Rifidi emulator is a tool that allows you to read tags data using RFID technology. This tool allows you to build RFID prototypes, create applications, test and debug Reader.
You can make an RFID emulator using Rifidi Emulator.

Rifidi Emulator Features:

· Very lightweight emulator for working with RFID.
· Read and write tags using native RFID protocol.
· Great capacity to load different Emulator profiles.
· Supported file formats (RIFI, MifareClassic, Smart card, jtag).
· Possibility to read and write tags with custom formats.
· Possibility to read and write tags with custom encoding.
· Possibility to read and write tags with custom frequency.
· Very fast execution emulator, it allows working with thousands of tags without reloading emulator to file or configuration.
· Possibility to change the frequency of tag depending on model.
· Possibility to change the default time of tag read depending on model and format.
· Possibility to change the channel number.
· Possibility to change the speed of reading depending on the model and format.
· Possibility to change the output format and number of tags depending on model, the format and the format.
· Tag deactivation function.
· Possibility to control emulated tag devices using the SDK.
· Possibility to create an application based on emulated RFID.
· Possibility to configure emulated tag connection to the network.

Minimum Requirements:

· Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0
· Microsoft Visual Studio 2008


You may use Rifidi Emulator without charge at personal home and educational institutions

Before you start using the emulator you need to register for a free account. Your account will be used to save emulated tags on computer, and to load them on emulator.

If you want to use another serial number, you can change it in settings file in emulated folders.

When you start emulator it creates empty folders named “MifareClassic”, “RIFI”, “SmartCard” or “JTAG” – in them you can save emulated tags.


The Rifidi emulator is designed to emulate the data that RFID Reader outputs. This means that it can be used to read and write tags, change the encoding of tags, to change the frequency of tag and to change other parameters.

Rifidi Emulator Crack Free

The configuration dialog for Rifidi Emulator

The layout and design of Rifidi Emulator

Rifidi Emulator is a reader emulator that reads or generates tag responses in a variety of formats, including binary, hexadecimal, and ASCII. It also allows you to configure the response for each tag type that you want to read.

Creating a virtual RFID reader is a powerful way to experiment with RFID tags, reading devices, and even writing applications. Moreover, it is a useful tool for creating prototypes.

Note that there are some limitations:

You need a PC with Windows XP Professional or higher and a PCMCIA or ExpressCard card. Rifidi Emulator requires an installation CD and an Internet connection. (Do not install Rifidi Emulator on your primary PC.)

You must install a tag reader and tag before creating your virtual reader. A tag reader enables you to use the read and write commands.

No Windows 2000 or Windows 98 service pack 3 is supported.

The help file does not include a complete description of the commands. It is recommended that you read the help file to obtain specific instructions for the commands.

You can configure your virtual reader in many ways, including defining tag types and defining tag properties.

Rifidi Emulator allows you to define tags by their type, by their size, or by their shape. The following tags are supported:

Configure properties of a tag.

To configure properties of a tag, double-click the tag in the tag list box. Then configure the properties, or click the “…” menu and select the desired tag or tags from the menu.

Note: To select a tag or tags, the index of the tag or tags should be changed.

The following properties can be configured:




The 16-character hexadecimal identifier of the tag.


The encoding method. The following encoding methods are supported:


A binary encoded tag.


ASCII encoded tag.


A HEX encoded tag.


The ROM encoded tag.


The tag presentation. The following presentation methods are supported:


Primary tag.


Back tag.


Front tag.


What’s New In Rifidi Emulator?

Rifidi Emulator is a windows software that allows you to simulate the RFID reader and a mobile card reader. This software needs no drivers or configuration. No installation is necessary and no time consuming installation has to be carried out. It supports the Card Type 2, Type 4 and Fast Card Reader. Its help you to configure the Reader’s features. You can use it for developing software like RFID Tag Readers and Mobile Card Readers.
Rifidi Emulator Features:
– Generates tag reads from readers.
– Supports multiple reader devices.
– Emulates the Card Type 2, Type 4 and Fast Card Reader.
– Includes a sample application to show how to use the Reader Drivers.
– Create and configure tag readers to communicate with devices.
– Creating simulated readers for testing RFID tags and mobile cards.
– Emulating reader device to obtain access codes and authenticate user’s.
– Supports multiple reader devices.
– Supports multiple reader devices.
– Create simulator configuration file for plug-in.
– Emulating mobile card reader to authenticate user for using applications.
– Ability to add multiple tags and simulate tag reads.
– Using tag and mobile card reader.
– Test tags.
– Test methods.
– Test sample application.
– Use tag reader application.
– Create tag readers.
– Emulate tag reader.
– Emulate a mobile card reader.
– Provides a demo application.
– Supported formats: AN2918/AN2276/AN1661/AN1527
– Save configuration on a default password.
– Supports multiple reader devices.
– Possibility of adding tags to the configurations.
– Possibility of adding tags to the configurations.
– Supports multiple reader devices.
– Supports multiple reader devices.
– Create a tag reader configuration file.
– Using tag and mobile card reader.
– Create tag reader application.
– Use Tag Reader application.
– Embed application.
– Generates tag reads.
– Generates tag reads.
– Supported by a multiple reader devices.
– Emulate a reader device.
– Emulate a reader device.
– Add your own configuration to the helper.
– Add tags to the configuration.
– Execute a tag reader program.
– Get data to access information.
– Accesses the application using TAG ID.
– Get data from the mobile card reader.
– View default configuration file.
– View


System Requirements For Rifidi Emulator:

Operating System:
Windows 98/XP/2000/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
1 GB of RAM
Intel GMA 3150 is required
Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 2.8 GHz or above
DVD-RAM Drive:
320 Mb or above
Hard Disk:
700 Mb or above


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