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1. Optimize your tablet’s battery life by using this easy to use tool to optimise the power settings for your Android device. 2. There are literally thousands of settings that you can toggle on and off in Android to save your battery. To do this efficiently, you need to know how the Android system handles power, and then be able to optimise the settings to get the best from the battery.

Your tablet may sometimes feel sluggish, and it could be because of battery issues. Android has tons of power settings, and many of them will turn the CPU off or save battery power. Here are the top 5 power saving tips to help you save battery.

1. The biggest single battery saving tip for Android is to turn off the screen. If you have a tablet, you probably don’t want it to turn itself off on you. This is a very easy way to drain your battery. Instead, if you want to use the tablet in sleep mode, turn off all the features. They include the screen, the OS, and the network connection.

2. If you have an Android device with WiFi, turn off WiFi when you are not using it. You can be sitting and watching a movie or streaming a podcast, and the WiFi connection can be draining your battery, especially if you do this every time you turn the WiFi on.

3. If you have a tablet with a video out port, turn off the display when you are not using the tablet. Turn on the display only when you are ready to watch a video or when you are ready to show off a presentation. By keeping the screen off and reducing the brightness, you can get much more use from the battery, and also reduce the chances of burning your eyes.

4. Turn down the screen brightness. This is especially important for older devices, but also helpful on newer devices. It is much easier for your eyes to focus on something that is more dim than it is on a bright display. You can also set your screens to only turn the brightness up when your device is detected as a moving device.

5. Set your tablets automatic screen timeout to never. You should leave the tablet on with the screen on as long as possible if you don’t want to drain your battery. You can set your screens timeout to never, and then use the manual override option when you want to wake the tablet. You can also set the timeout to an hour if you always leave your tablet on overnight.

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SIET stands for ‘Simple Image Editor for Text’ and it’s a light-weight desktop application that allows you to add text labels directly on top of your photos, just like a watermark, and it is totally free and open source software. And yes, it’s much easier than that official watermarking system online services. If you’re wondering why SIET comes with not so many features, you are right. SIET doesn’t have any print command, and it does not have any bulk operation commands. But, what it has is plenty powerful for what you expect from a watermarking tool. With SIET, you can create text over photos, just like in the example shown on this download page, which is just the beginning of what you can do with it.
All right, let’s take a look at a very simple process and then we’ll discuss what you can do with SIET in a more detailed way after that.
Step 1: Open SIET, click Add, then just follow the instruction shown on the screen.
Step 2: Just type a name of your choice for a watermark and your text, and click Create.
Step 3: Check the box that says Show Watermark and then click Create.
Now your watermark is ready to be applied.
Step 4: Right-click the picture you want to add watermark to and select Apply Watermark.
Step 5: You’ll see a preview for the watermark.
Step 6: Adjust the position of the text and click OK to apply it.
Step 7: Click Save if needed.
Step 8: Finally, you’ll see the preview of watermark over the image, which is displayed as a preview image.
This simple tutorial allows you to create text watermark using SIET.
How to use SIET in real life
You can use the above process to add your own custom text over the picture. You can use it on images in any application such as Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail, Windows Explorer, even a web page. You can also use it to add a signature on a document or application, or use it for web pages, blog posts, slides or presentations.
You can even use this watermarking tool to add text over a picture you took with a phone camera.
SIET is a well-designed image watermarking tool which is free and open source. It doesn’t need any installation procedure and can be used directly from a thumb drive. It

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A site I’ve been following for quite a while, the new flagship lens from Hasselblad.. It’s a 200mm f/2 or 1.4, and retails at around US $33,000 for the kit. And to make matters even better, they’re sticking with the soft focus look but… in somewhat more controlled fashion than the normal f/4 version.




We got some screengrabs of it over at SxR, showing some of the stuff they’ve got lined up for the future, and a sweet new slider that could be a nice substitute to the mouse’s.



It’s that time of year again: lenses for the season. has a new 10-40mm prime lens to go with their 4-16mm and 20-70mm zooms. The



If you are preparing to go out in the wild, the f/5.6 micro-lens for your DSLR (a.k.a. “camera lens”) will give you much better light gathering than any f/8 lens can. I’ve been using mine for the last few months on my kit lens and I’m getting incredible results; I’ve got better images, shallower depth of field, no flares, etc.




The tiny new Zeiss Compact primes are it’s really about size and utility.
First of all, they’re tiny. Compact f/1.8 and f/2 and their manual focus predecessor, the Compact 25mm f/2 is 1.37″ wide. That’s less than 1/3 the size of the current f/2.8 10mm

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SIET (Subliminal Identification Enhancing Tool) is a freeware that is easy to use. This image watermark tool is a powerful text watermarking program that is designed to subliminally embed data into digital images that cannot be erased or changed using standard methods.
SIET allows you to:
• Hide a website address or text within digital images such as digital pictures, logos, brochures, posters, etc.• Insert a special text watermark into digital images.• Hide an IP address from being viewed by others.• Add a unique text watermark to personal files to prevent unauthorized copying or distributing of the image.
With SIET, you can easily:
• Create and store many image watermark settings.• Add, edit and view watermarks.• Easily access your watermarks in file properties to save them for later access. • Scan a folder full of image files to see if they contain a watermark.

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System Requirements:

Pentium 4 (2.2 GHz or higher) or better, dual core or quad core
1024×768 or higher resolution
Recommended: 1280×1024
2 GB of free hard disk space
DirectX 8.0 or higher
DirectX 8.0 is included with the Windows OS, but you may need to get the latest version.
You can access the game using the following links:
Download Game: Free Full Version | Download Game: Free Demo
Due to the recent shortage of

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