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Sky Screen Saver is an informational sky atlas that creates a map of our universe with details and information about constellations, sun, moon, planets and stars.

I like this screen saver. It’s one of the few you can use to find and view stars without knowing what they are because it shows all of the stars that can be found through a telescope. Many, many thank you’s to Triangulum, our dear Savi, for her absolutely incredible research on this project! It was her, that gave me the final list of stars to be included in the program.
Most importantly, Savi told me that the program would be available FREE to everyone if I found the time to create it. And it appears that the seed of its creation was sown the day I found her message on Google Groups. Thanks a million, Savi.
Savitha of Triangle, Va
August, 2011

Chart Saver
Chart Saver is the most simple and fastest of all the chart viewers available on the net. Chart Saver shows the sky in star format (within a 4×4.5 inch window) so that the user can grab right away any element of the sky and zoom in to it at his/her own leisure. There are a total of 112 color maps (without red map).
Chart Saver is very easy to use and you can do it right away with your keyboard’s arrow keys. There is no need to set any option or other parameter. Just fire up Chart Saver and hit “GO”. Enjoy.
Download Chart Saver

Cool Stars
Cool Stars is an application that shows stars in the sky.
It has four different sets of virtual telescopes, with which a user can view stars.
Each telescope has a different resolution: 20×20, 10×10, 4×4, 2×2.
These telescopes have a variety of features, including: tilt view, zoom feature, blink feature, wheel, and four different kinds of filters, which can be used on the stars.
A user can flip through the virtual telescopes, or select a filter to view different stars, in a variety of ways.

PicoWorld is a world of space, in which the stars are surrounded by an endless sea of planets, gas giants and icebergs. Each star has at least one moon, and many more are in orbit around it. Stars can even have dozens of planets

Sky ScreenSaver Serial Key [Updated] 2022

The Sky Screen Saver will show the sky above any location on Earth, including stars (from the Yale Bright Star Catalogue of more than 9000 stars to the 7th magnitude), the Moon in its correct phase and position in the sky, and the position of the Sun and a
Outlines, boundaries, and names of constellations can be displayed, as well as names and Bayer/Flamsteed designations of stars brighter than a given threshold. A database of more than 500 deep-sky objects, including all the Messier objects and bright NGC objects can be plotted to a given magnitude. The ecliptic and celestial equator can be plotted, complete with co-ordinates.
To fulfill its mission as a screen saver, the sky map shifts position on the display every 10 minutes to avoid burning in those few components of the display which do not move as the Earth revolves.
The Sky Screen Saver is in the public domain. You can do anything you like with it.

Thank you so much for this great program!
This is great software, thank you for your effort! I hope you continue to maintain and update this program.

Thank you very much. I appreciated the introduction to the “Nebulae and Star Clusters” section.
Again, I thank you for your interest, and for your work.

Many thanks for this wonderful program. I have been using SkySaver for several years now, and have had nothing but very good results.
I do have a couple of suggestions though, if you don’t mind…
1) It would be nice to have more detailed display of any magnitude of stars.
2) I would like to be able to set a limit to which magnitude can be displayed, not just just the max.
3) Even at max, I am currently getting more stars visible than I have time to plot. I would like the option to set some sort of time limit to how long it takes to go through all the stars and suns, or even just how many stars can be plotted.
I have used Nebulae and Star Clusters very well for years, but am now migrating to a program like StarChart, which is very similar.
Once again, many thanks for a great program.

I’ve used Sky Saver since it was “Sky Watch” a few years

Sky ScreenSaver Free Download

The Sky Screen Saver is a very beautiful and very simple sky pattern. It displays a sky map of the entire sky, with the celestial equator and ecliptic in black. At each of the major constellations there is a small area of sky, complete with stars. Stars out to the 7th magitude are shown. The position of the Moon is calculated and the Moon’s face is shown. The position of the Sun and a large number of deep sky objects are also shown. To minimize the possibility of burning in the burn-in of any of the display elements, the sky map shifts position on the display every 10 minutes to avoid burning in those few components of the display which do not move as the Earth revolves.
Sky ScreenSaver Source Code:
The sky screen saver is coded with the help of VTK 4.1, and was originally based on the vtkSkyMapScroller.h file from the public domain version of the software, available from
Sky ScreenSaver Version 2.1:
The code was adapted for the more modern VTK build environment and now contains two additional keywords — namestr and radian :
radian(angle in degrees);
namestr(name string);
The non-Java version of SkySaver is now available. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It does not contain the data for deep sky objects and does not include the format for the dark background of the sky map. Instead of a clean dark background, it displays a roughly dark-gray background with a few stars and the bright band of the Milky Way.
Sky ScreenSaver Manual:
Sky Screen Saver Manual Document:
Sky Screen Saver Manual or Sky Screen Saver User Manual:
Sky Saver’s manual is a stand-alone user guide to the software.
(the package must be installed)
Sky Screen Saver Manual Sample:
You can download a sample manual in Microsoft Word format for your studies from the Resources section.
See Also:
Sky Map Thumbnailer:
Sky Map Thumbnailer, or the Sky Pixels Screen saver, can be found on the Projects page. It generates thumbnails of just a portion of the sky map.
source code:
Sky Chart:
Sky Chart, or

What’s New in the?

This is a Microsoft Window’s Screen Saver. To be run on Windows 2000, XP or Vista.
Sky ScreenSaver uses the I-Celestial Telescope software from CN Tower, Toronto. It is shipped with an extensive database of astronomical information of the sky, including astrometry, photometry, names and ecliptic coordinates of all the Messier and NGC objects,
and general astronomical references.
Sky Screen Saver is intended for personal use only.
Sky Screen Saver is not a screen saver, and not meant to turn your monitor off.
It is a real time sky viewing tool for personal use.
It uses fast and accurate compilations of data by CN Tower from their International I-Celestial series of telescopes. No other database to date has been as up to date.
Sky Screen Saver merges the latest sky research from NASA, and time honoured database at Yale. The Sky Catalog is very useful for comparing, through simple and graphical means, the celestial object from one year
to the next.
Sky Screen Saver uses the Atmospheric Computing Unit (ACU), a very accurate simulation of the atmosphere that takes into account its atmospheric turbulence, for the display.
Sky Screen Saver is written in Visual C++.
It starts up when Windows does. It runs in the background at all times.
System Requirements:
• Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, or Vista
• Monitor with 1280×1024 resolution or higher
• Large Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Editor, like Adobe Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash CS3, Macromedia Director, or Windows Live Graphic Editor
• Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
• Java Runtime Environment 6
Additional information can be found at
For license inquiries, contact me at [email protected]

Sky Screen Screensaver

System Requirements:

For SteamOS & Steam
OS: OS X 10.9.x (Mac Mini 1.1GHz, 8GB RAM)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6GHz (Mac Mini 1.2GHz, 8GB RAM)
Graphics: 256MB
OS: OS X 10.10.x (Mac Mini 1.2GHz, 16GB RAM)
Processor: Intel Core i5 3.0GHz (Mac Mini 2.0GHz

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