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If you’ve worked with any code before, then you probably know there’s rarely a case when a programmer or web designer writes everything from scratch. This isn’t just about using frameworks, but also snippets, which are just portions of code which can be reused with little or no altering.
If some code editors also come with snippet management features, then SnipAway works the other way round, by being, first and foremost, a snippet management tool.
Use colors and folders to keep track of your snippets
This free app lets you copy/paste or even write code snippets in over 40 markup and programming languages, which include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Java, Python, C++, MySQL or even simple text. You can already see that it’s a versatile program and this becomes more obvious after you start to customize it according to your needs and preferences.
You can choose from over 25 editor themes, each with their own background, text and highlight colors. You can easily organize your snippets into colored folders (which, for example, you could name according to the projects you're working on) and even add favorites.
Doubles down as an advanced code editor
Even though few may actually use SnipAway as their go-to code editor, the app has enough features to help you to edit your snippets; it will highlight syntax according to the language you are using, it allows you to fold parts of the code and even has an autocomplete function.
Lastly, if you use various websites for references and inspiration, you can just add them as web snippets; the pages will then be displayed in the editor, and you’ll be able to see the pages just as you would in a web browser.
SnipAway might not be revolutionary, but it can help you save time and better organize your coding work.


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SnipAway is a free, fast and flexible code editor, which comes with a code snippet management system that enables you to organize snippets of code, view them in many different languages and copy or paste them into your favorite apps.

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Manage multiple snippets in multiple languages all at once.
If you use different languages and snippets for writing HTML, CSS, JavaScript and others it is difficult to keep them all in the right place. When you are coding you are often doing many things at the same time and all of this is in short shift. You can now easily use multiple snippets from different languages with all of the code in one view.
You can also organize snippets in folders and give them names.
In addition to snippets you can also add link to website, pdf files and open them directly in the same editor.
A beautiful editor with colors and other features, such as folding and fold navigation.
Preview your code with multiple languages at once
Double click on a snippet to start coding and multiple languages (and snippets) will appear in the code editor. You can copy/paste between the snippets and add folders to organize them.
You can also add your own snippets with a few clicks.
Snippets are highlighted by language and color.
Mentioning, Quickly switching between snippets and folders, any time you change snippets the program will show the changes.
Folding view to make your code easier to read.
You can fold or unfold snippets depending on how much code you want to see.
Snippet go to open with the shortcut of a snippet.
You can go to the next snippet by pressing the tab key.
You can also click the comment icon to add a comment to the code, which you can easily edit later.
Duplicates can be automatically detected and eliminated.
SnipAway Comments:
SnipAway is a free online code editor and snippet manager. You will be able to organize snippets in folders, and highlight all of your snippets with colors. You will be able to view snippets in multiple languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript and others), and even switch between them.
You can add comments to your code snippets, and you can also create your own snippets easily.
SnipAway Support:
* Web:
* Email: [email protected]
SnipAway Free Version:
If you want to try the app free, click “Get Code” on the home page. From there you can select HTML, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, C++, SQL, MySQL, and Bash.
SnipAway Terms of Use:
You can use

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SnipAway is a free coding editor, which not only lets you write code snippets, but it also comes with a variety of features such as snippets management, code folding, syntax highlighting and more.

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Sleeping Dogs® Definitive Edition
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The contents of this game are available under the terms of the EULA for the PlayStation®Vita EU.
• Title: Sleeping Dogs

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