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These days, storage space is not really a problem anymore, but for some people or tasks, every bit of compression might be incredibly valuable.
SpaceSaver comes with a solution in regards to images, by focusing on reducing the file size but not meddling with the image quality, keeping it as high as possible.
SaveSpace, but also time
For someone who works with images daily, or just owns a website that needs to reach a lightning-fast loading time, so that people won't start to rapidly stray from its pages, being able to reduce the size of any element, especially images which usually are weighing a lot on the loading speeds, is not something to be overlooked.
The solution for that would be to reduce your images in size, but doing that without also losing their quality is not that easily done. And no one wants a blurry or a pixelated image as a landing page, for example, as that will not only make people stray from it, but will keep them away for good.
Luckily, SaveSpace does its best to keep the images as close to their originals in terms of quality, with an obvious change in their file size.
Just drag and drop and you're good to go
You are able to work with really detailed pictures without compromising your design choices and also keeping things fast, as SaveSpace allows you to import, with the drag and drop function, and export as many images as you want in one go.
Choose to open the export folder after the process of compressing is complete or just have it close the application after it finishes. Add varied dimensions with custom set values that can all be created in one export, saving multiple sizes of each image with an easy move.
Work smarter and look better with no compromise
SpaceSaver does a really great job in reducing the file size of high resolution images while keeping the photo quality almost intact, giving you shorter upload times, faster page loads and even more free space on your storage drives in a very speedy way, as the application also makes use of multi-thread proccessing, providing you maximum efficiency in your work.







SpaceSaver For PC (2022)

SpaceSaver is a professional tool that is designed to help you reduce the file size of images while keeping their quality almost intact, providing you with an increased free storage space of your photos, an earlier page load time, and even a much more convenient drag and drop import for every image.
SpaceSaver supports JPEG, PNG, TIFF and GIF formats.
To get the most out of the application, you will need to do the following steps:
1. Download SpaceSaver 2. Run SpaceSaver and open the application. 3. Import your images into SpaceSaver. 4. Choose the option to compress the images. 5. Choose the option to open the compressed image folder after the process of compressing is complete or to close the application after the process of compressing is complete. 6. Save the changes.
– You can adjust the percentage of compression that you want to provide. – You can choose to convert multiple images to a single compressed image. – You can choose to save the images in a compressed folder. – The images are saved in the folder that you have configured in the application.
SpaceSaver Screenshots: is a different kind of WordPress hosting, which comes with a great set of features for those who want to customise their site and support them.
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the hosting, drop a message in the contact form.
You can also read our review to learn more about the service or our publishing related recommendations.

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SpaceSaver Activation Key

SpaceSaver is a powerful image compression utility that lets you compress multiple images at a time with only a few easy clicks of your mouse. This full-featured image viewer lets you preview the image before you compress it, change the compression ratio, choose the output file format and file name, and save the result. You can also choose to open a preview after you save the image to see if the compression has worked as expected.

SpaceSaver Limitations:

The software will only save JPG, PNG and GIF image formats.

The file size is usually much smaller than the original.

The original quality of the image will be maintained.

The file format is free from:

Embedded EXIF data.

Alpha channel information.

Image metadata.

[EXPORT] Uncompressed image thumbnails.

[EXPORT] Single page JPG or PNG images.

[EXPORT] Audio or video.

[EXPORT] Audio or video embedded in a document.


[EXPORT] Macromedia Flash Movie.

[EXPORT] Macromedia Flash Animation.

[EXPORT] Text.

Image Files Supported:

Windows-compliant folders and files:

JPG and other JPG-compressed image types:


PGX (Adobe Portable Document Format, PDF),



Most un-compressed image formats:






Most Compressed Image Formats:








The entire file is compressed. The compression ratio is determined by the compression mode and quality. The compression ratio is always decreased with the increase of quality.
There are three compression modes available: Very Fast, Fast and Normal. The faster the compression, the larger the file is, the more quicker the compression.
The normal compression is recommended for most cases, as it produces smaller files than the other modes with almost the same quality.

What’s New in Version

OS X El Capitan Compatible:

No more crashes reported in the threads

SpaceSaver Crack Activator

You might be among the category of users who are hard pressed for storage space and your internet connection, as you do not want to be constantly losing your work to crashes or a badly connected server, because for you that’s not acceptable.
If that’s the case, we think that you might be able to use the SaveSpace application.

Let’s see if it is worth it
If you remember those days when Google was loading your webpage and you got your heart beating with hundreds of different requests that your server had to make in order for it to get you the results you were looking for, well, you might not be that far off from that now.
That’s because, usually, in nowadays, more than one Googlebot shares resources, with each of them being responsible for a different section of the web page, so when you make a change in your webpage you have to give up on all of the ones that need to be updated or reload, which is not something you have to do just to have a page loading faster.
Not only your website will suffer from that, but also the people around you will suffer, as you will have to wait extra time before you can load your page, which, as already said, is not something that is acceptable for any of us.
Although we are not saying that SaveSpace is guaranteed to improve the situation, we do believe that it can. That’s because the application comes with a few features that can speed up any website a bit, and without having to go through a complete overhaul of your site.

The first and most prominent of the application’s features, is its ability to shrink the size of your images without touching their quality, which means that you will be able to save a lot of space and have your files load faster.
You will not only do that through an incremental import or import as you edit, as you can do it as many times as you want. This way you will be able to find the best possible compression ratio for your images, since by doing that, the same ones will be uploaded more often, and the amount of space they occupy will be reduced a lot.
Perhaps one of the most awaited features to be found on SaveSpace, the move is what should have made it a complete winner. Once it is done, with the drag and drop function, you can achieve whatever you want.
It is possible to import a folder with many images, import multiple images at once, or just create your own

What’s New In?

SpaceSaver is the best, powerful, easy to use application to keep your image files small and fast.
Remove the unnecessary information from the image so that you can get a better performance.
Remove the redundant information from the image.
Optimize the image in accordance with your bandwidth and disk space.
SaveSpace, but also time!

How to Turn off Android Location Permission

How to Turn off Android Location Permission (Android 6.0 and above) – as seen on LinkedIn
How to Turn off Android Location Permission (Android 6.0 and above) – as seen on LinkedIn
Turning off the Android location permission might solve some of your privacy issues. But, sometimes, there could be unintended issues.
Here’s how to turn off the Android location permission.
This tutorial applies to all versions of Android 6.0 and above.
Get another app to turn on or off the location permission.
Open the app.
Tap the three dots icon.
Choose Storage.
Turn off the ‘Remember this location for this app’ option.
The next time you use the app.
You don’t have to turn on the ‘Remember this location for this app’.
You can simply tap on the lock icon and turn it on or off.
To turn off or on the ‘Remember this location for this app’.
Open the Settings.
In the Privacy section.
Choose Location.
Select either Remember or Never.
You can now use this app.
Hope you enjoyed.
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How to turn off the android location permission? – Easy:
In this video we teach you how to turn off android location permission.

published:19 May 2017


Link to group:
Do you need to turn off the “Location History” of your Android device?
There are some things you need to know before you do.
This is the link to the group, for more

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Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64 bit)
Windows 8.1/8/8.2/10 (32/64 bit)
2 GHz multi-core CPU
1366 x 768 display
10 GB available hard drive space
Java SE 1.6 or later
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