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Stoplight is an open source tool that provides a suite of practices and tools that would help you explore, create and automate your APIs. It allows you to quickly and easily design and document your APIs, and can be used with Postman, RAML or Swagger and other OpenAPI implementations.
Get instant access to the world’s best API documentation
Stoplight seamlessly integrates with almost every development framework: Javascript, CSS, HTML, REST, GraphQL, API Gateway, Docker, Kubernetes, Python and so on. It supports OpenAPI, RAML, Swagger, JSONAPI, OpenAPI-Petstore, API Builder and API Blueprint.
Stoplight Features
✓ Automates API Development with Powerful Scenarios
✓ Auto-Generate API Docs for the Internet of Things and Mobile Apps
✓ Automate the API Testing Process
✓ Schedule APIs Automatically
✓ Generate Easy to Understand Documentation
✓ Allows for API Versioning and RESTful Retries
✓ Provides Screenshots of Your API
✓ Publish via Github Pages or AWS S3
✓ Publish and Run Tests to Use with your API
✓ Supports Multiple Hosting Options (Heroku, AWS, Docker, Serverless, Firebase, Aptible and more)
✓ Test Your API Automatically with the Scenario Tool
✓ Allows for sharing APIs with multiple systems
✓ Allows for 100% Open Source Development
Stoplight on YouTube
Stoplight can be found on all of the key OSes, namely Windows, Mac and Linux, and you can also get its companion apps, that are convenient for us frontend and backend developers.

Do you want to focus on your own project, without the constant bother of dealing with APIs? Do you want to be able to cover all the stages, from the design to the deployment, in one platform? Well, then you should definitely use Stoplight, because it’s this kind of solution that we are talking about, and in addition, it will allow you to obtain free APIs from over 16,000+ public APIs while making them easier to manage, share and publish.
Let’s see what this amazing tool can do for you.
Benefits of Stoplight
The benefits and capabilities of Stoplight are plentiful, and there are a number of reasons why you should consider buying this tool and be its user. Check out this short list of features to know why you should get Stoplight and start

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Stoplight Cracked Accounts is a cross-platform tool that will help you

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Stoplight Crack+ Free Registration Code

Stoplight is a software for documenting, testing and sharing APIs. It has a built-in document editor, and, if you wish, you can take advantage of the many ways and means offered by OpenAPI, RAML, and Postman. The platform is unique because it was made using Electron. It is a responsive, interactive, and modern platform that has all the tools needed to improve the way you work with APIs. It has been created with the developer in mind.

Stoplight Description

By using the app’s WYSIWYG-based editor, it will be very easy to describe and share your APIs with all your API users.

Hosted Documentation:
Stoplight has a built-in document editor, which means that you can import your existing documentation collections from OASIS, to RAML or Postman. You can also create a new collection.

Analyze API Documents:
Stoplight can analyze your API collection and highlight which endpoints have to be described in more detail.

API Scenarios:
Stoplight also has a built-in scenario runner and test runner that will let you create and run API tests. You can create new API Test cases, and then run them.

API Designer:
Stoplight allows you to easily design your new API’s (as per the OpenAPI, RAML, or Postman protocols). You can add more headers, endpoints, and maps to your API, by simply dragging and dropping them.

API Builder:
Stoplight has a built-in API Builder that will let you create API’s from scratch. This API Builder enables you to create a new API using your own RAML, OpenAPI, or Postman collection.

Working with APIs

Mapping concepts:
You can map the concepts of your API to the endpoint’s schema. This will give you an easy overview of how your API concepts will work on the frontend.

Stoplight comes with a built-in provisioning functionality. In here, you can add your different API instances, and later on, you can specify their sharing permissions.

Hosted Documentation

No matter what type of documentation you’re dealing with, Stoplight comes with all the basic tools needed to automate processes, enhance the way you work, or even master the art of documenting your APIs.

Built-in Document Editor:
Stoplight comes with a built-in API documentation editor.

What’s New in the Stoplight?

Stoplight is a cross-platform piece of software that allows you to manage APIs, in a modern, user-friendly and easy way.
It can help you in a number of different ways, from automatically generating API documentation to running tests and scenarios.
It’s very simple to get started with Stoplight, all you need to do is install the app on your Mac, Linux or Windows machine and you’re good to go. After that, you can start managing your APIs as usual.
Stoplight 1.0.0 Release
• Bugfixes

Stoplight 1.0.1 Release
• Fixes when opening projects from selective checkboxes
• Fix issue with tooltips in Mobile UI
• Fix for missing Postman contexts when running tests
• Fixes for the search function in Scenarios
• Changes to the Stoplight GUI
Stoplight 1.0.0 Release
• Changes to the Stoplight GUI
Stoplight 1.0.0 Release
• Fixes for the following bugs:
1. Project view failed to display due to Electron bug with CSS clipping
2. Scenario automation failed to run due to multiple tests being run at the same time
3. Home page failed to load due to the URL not being reachable
• Renamed the backup API to version
• Fixed the Getting Started and Checkout button on the Start page
• Renamed the App Menu to Preface
• Re-added a small delay between the visibility of the App Menu
Stoplight 1.0.1 Release
• Fixes for the following bugs:
1. API Designer view and API Publisher view font misalignment
2. Shoulder pad menu not updating on the Tutorial page
3. Stoplight search feature broken
4. When opening a project from the browser the displayed error message was different from what was stored in the database
5. Notification and banner section not showing up on the Home page
6. Stoplight is not showing up in the App Menu on macOS

System Requirements For Stoplight:

Windows 10
OS: Windows 7/8
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.8 GHz) / AMD Athlon 64
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia 8800 GTS / ATI Radeon HD 4850
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 40 GB available space
OS: Windows XP
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.8 GHz)
Graphics: Nvidia 8800 GTS

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