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String Master is a handy and reliable program designed to split one large file (that contains various data sets of strings) into several other files based on user-defined criteria.
Users will be able to define a list of strings that the source file will be compared against. The sorting process is quickly followed by the splitting operation, which delivers the expected results.
String Master may be used in various scenarios, such as searching a string in a large database and forums, as well as for the automation of database sorting.







StringMaster Activation Code Free [Win/Mac]

Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
The program requires at least 700 KB of free hard disk space.
Executable file (exe)


This is a simple, fast, lightweight sorting utility. It does not require any installation and can be used as a standalone application.
All the available sorting methods are implemented, which include text and ASCII, UPPER/LOWER, case-insensitive, as well as numeric and date sorting.
Stringsort-ng Description:
Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
The program requires at least 700 KB of free hard disk space.
Executable file (exe)


This is a powerful, multi-purpose, spreadsheet-like database program, which allows you to organize and sort a wide variety of data files.
Users can specify which data-types (strings, integers, date-values, etc.) are searched for in a source file.
The program will generate results that are compatible with most spreadsheet programs.
DataBaseSorter-4 Description:
Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
The program requires at least 700 KB of free hard disk space.
Executable file (exe)


This is a very simple utility program designed to sort any file into the proper order by using user-defined variables.
It could be used for sorting all your address books, for example.
The program provides four different sorting modes: the text, alphabetical, numeric and date sort options.
ComputerSort-2 Description:
Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
The program requires at least 700 KB of free hard disk space.
Executable file (exe)


MasterSort is a powerful and feature-rich multi-level sorting program that lets you sort your files in any format.
It can be used for sorting the following types of files:
– Office documents
– Docx, xlsx, etc
– HTML pages, plain text files, etc.
– Directories
MasterSort Description:
Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7

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StringMaster Torrent Download Key Features:

The System.ini File and the Registry Provide Real Help
With a better understanding of the user’s system, StringMaster Product Key can perform the task of string extraction with ease.

The System.ini File Provides a Way to Set Values for Real Use
According to how a user’s setup is structured, he can set values in StringMaster’s System.ini File to suit his needs. He can also restore the values that he has already set.

The Registry Files Aid in Easier Application Administration
Users can use the StringMaster’s built-in components and tools in the System Registry to save time, space, and get more help when administering the program.

StringMaster is a useful and efficient program for string searching and string extraction from a single large file. No matter whether you use it for searching in a database, or you merely want to make a duplicate of a file based on the string’s contents, this application can do it all for you.

MobyDoo Free File Search Box is a simple, free program that should be on every PC. It lets you quickly search for files within Windows, edit the properties of the file, and open it in any program. The application also has the capability to search subfolders.


MobyDoo – 335k – Shareware – Download Now

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FileFinder is a complete replacement of the Windows file search system. It lets you access not only the files on your computer but also files from remote locations and files stored on your network. Moreover, it provides you a unique user interface, additional features, and more extensive options.

Shareware – 585k – Shareware – Download Now – 27.2k – Freeware – Download Now

TopDownload Free File Finder Software is a full replacement of the Windows file search system. The program can easily find files from all locations – not only on your computer but also from remote

StringMaster X64

– Edit and sort multiple text files in one click
– Define several sorting criteria that will be used for your search
– Filter input strings using regular expressions
– Sort strings with specified criteria
– The list of strings sorted by specified criteria can be saved in txt files

The Wrong Word is a fairly simple, yet effective and useful application designed to simplify and speed up the task of editing typo/grammatical errors in your writings.
The program may be used to search for misspelled words (or even selected phrases or sentences) and highlight them in the chosen form of text (Excel, Word, PDF, HTML, etc.), as well as to correct the typo/grammar errors when editing in the desired text format.
The Right Word functionality is available at its top menu under the ‘Tools’ section.
For the convenience of users, there is an additional tool in the Right Word menu called ‘Fix Typo Errors’, that allows you to quickly and accurately fix typo/grammatical errors on the fly.

Rube’s Reminder can notify users by display the selected items as Calendar events.
The program can also set reminders for selected items to be displayed at specified time intervals, so that users are reminded of the tasks that have been assigned to them.

File Cache was created to be a file manager with an integrated Cache Manager. The program helps users to clean cache by identifying the files that are taking too long to open and with identifying when and how files were last opened. Files are cached automatically to eliminate delays in opening files. The Cache Manager can be used to identify which files are taking too long to open and then a recommendation is made as to whether to clean the cache or not. The Cache Manager can show which files have been the latest opened and its information about the cache usage. The program also has a reminder which automatically opens the last file used.

Sweep Service Station is a highly powerful program that can scan, clean, and remove the malware from your computers and your network. The first thing that you can do with this scan tool is scan your computers with the malware detections. When the scan is over, you can choose to delete the malware or just check the important things like process, file, registry, scheduled tasks, etc.

A Best Friend for You is designed to identify the exact platform of the files on a computer. It provides detailed information about the existing files of various operating systems, and the location of these files.

What’s New in the?

This free DOS application is a program designed to split a single

Dataite is a small application, which allows to read database file and display it in a diagram. It is the freeware version of Dataite Plus, which is available for $50 from the author.
The most important feature of this program is ability to analyze the database structure and database content and display the result as a diagram. Dataite allows to choose the level of database detail (view…

File Viewer is a free tool to display and manipulate text and binary files. The program allows to view many different file formats, including:.txt,.rtf,.mp3,.mp4,.avi,.wmv,.mpg,.pdf,.bmp,.doc,.rar,.wav,.html,.php,.cpp,.java,.js, and many more. Additionally, you can easily add, move and rename files, browse the file contents, get information about files,…

Unfortunatelly, all of my commercial tools for splitting the string have a limitation. This program, StrSplit, has 3 limitations. They are:
1) It doesnt support the pipes.
2) It does not show what it is actually splitting.
3) Its not free.
What it does is perfect. It has been written in the wildest OOP style to include input and output data processing, logging and…

File and path management tool of VB.NET with ARCHIVE OBJECT.
This vb program is designed to help the user to manage files and path easily.
It includes the following utilities: – Find File Manager – Find Folder Manager – Folder Editor – Path Creator – PATH Editor – Archive Manager
Find File Manager:
It is one of the very small utility for file management. It has a powerful history…

CutPasteR is a small and fast command line program designed to cut and paste text files using the stream editing utilities.
You’ll find this utility handy and even more useful when combined with Stream Editor (see below), which is more of a editor with stream editing as a part of it.
The main idea of this utility is to help users write and edit a string using Stream Editor and then…

File Manager for Windows.
Click the menus to edit your file list, change the default font, create your own commands, export data, edit file description, create your own context menu,

System Requirements For StringMaster:

Important: If you are experiencing issues with texture popping or geometry issues with monster carcasses (possible warping of the skin and the monster head), make sure you have the latest version of Skyrim SE. must be enabled to use the mod. If you use any mod that tweaks that, then it will overwrite all changes made by this mod.
This mod does not alter any standard game files.
This is the best possible compromise of realism and performance for Skyrim. It will cost you some animation and texture memory, but will not bog down

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