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TenClips is a program that greatly extends the powers of the conventional Windows Clipboard, in several ways. Firstly, the application supports storing ten text strings, the equivalent of running ten instances of the standard clipboard. Secondly, TenClips allows users to apply formatting rules to stored text clips.
10x Windows Clipboard
An interesting feature of this program is that, since there are ten memory slots, some can be kept as permanent, while others can be cleared and refilled. When some text strings are used recurrently, this can save a lot of time!
Users working on long and complex projects will also find the “Save clipboard” function very handy. More-so, this feature allows users to change clipboards and increase their productivity.
One of the real strengths of this application is its ability to “Purify text”, i.e. remove any text formatting. After the text is stored and purified, users can apply their own formatting rules.
For example, lines can be trimmed or sorted, and diacritics can be removed. Other options include URL encoding or decoding, converting HEX to INT and vice-versa. Simpler rules, like changing to lowercase or uppercase are also available.
Allows network clipboard exchanges
Another interesting feature of this software is that it supports sending clipboard packets to other network computers. In other words, two network computers that share this program can also share stored text information.
This can be used together with the “Save clipboards” function to quickly spread custom-formatted clipboards.
A user interface that integrates seamlessly with other windows
The software features a clean interface, although searching for more advanced functions can clutter the tray area with multiple menus.
The application integrates smoothly with Windows Explorer, and the contents of whole text documents can be copied with just a right click (without even opening the source files!).
All in all, a notable clipboard enhancer
TenClips is a simple solution for anyone dissatisfied with the limitations of the standard Windows Clipboard. More advanced users will surely find the ability to send clipboards via network as very nice.







TenClips Crack+ With Product Key [Latest] 2022

Want to save time copying text to clipboard? Use a lot of text? Wish you could share information between computers? In the past, all these were not possible!
However, with TenClips Cracked Accounts, you can easily solve any of those problems and more. This software allows you to store your copied text, apply formatting, transform it and also share it with others! This way, you can use the same text on several computers, simultaneously.
Furthermore, this program provides a lot of other useful features and can enhance your Windows clipboard experience to an unprecedented level.
TenClips Crack For Windows lets you save text to a local memory. After using any text information, you can easily save it in the clipboard, or share it with others. You can do it with a click of a mouse! Just right click on a highlighted area of text and choose “Save to clipboard”.
Let’s explain it in detail:
1. Save Text to Clipboard
You can easily save text to your local clipboard, by a single click on the highlighted text. All the selected text is copied to the local clipboard.
2. Purify Text
Another useful function is the ability to perform a “Purify Text”. This purify function is used to remove all text formatting, to make your text look exactly like it was inserted by a word processor.
3. Transform Text
To change text, you will need to learn the Transform function. To transform text, just use the “Transform” menu.
The Transform function allows you to change the text to lowercase, uppercase, remove diacritics, etc.
4. Clone Clipboard
If you want to copy the selected text to the clipboard of another computer, you can do it with a single right click. The moment the mouse is placed over a text area, the “Save clipboard” function is activated, and the text is safely transferred.
5. Convert Text
If text needs to be transferred to a computer with a different operating system, the “Convert to HEX” option helps convert text to HEX, which is the standard binary code used by UNIX and Windows.
6. Copy URL
Windows Clipboard also comes with a URL function. The copy URL function is very powerful, as it can transfer any kind of web address to the clipboard. Not only are images, but also music, video and links can be transferred to other computers.
7. Compare File Formats

TenClips Free License Key [Latest-2022]

10x Windows Clipboard (also known as MCM or MCM) is a clipboard manager that allows you to hold and reuse windows or file contents between applications with just one click. With multiple clipboards you can:
• Save and reuse multiple window or file contents by just clicking them.
• Copy text from Web pages and OCR scanned text.
• Send clipboard information to other network computers via TCP/IP.
• Receive clipboard text from remote computers through TCP/IP.
• Define your own rules for text replacement to instantly customize the clipboard.
• Apply simple or complex formatting rules to text.
• Save the clipboard as a HTML file for web sharing or archiving.
• View and transfer clipboard text using keyboard shortcuts.


• Supports multiple clipboards with unlimited number of entries.
• Supports multiple memory entries and unlimited number of clipboards.
• Supports saving the Clipboard contents to a plain text file.
• Supports the full functionality of the Windows Clipboard.
• Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.
• Supports sharing the clipboard over the network.
• Supports sending clipboard data over the network.
• Allows you to use the clipboard as a standard desktop tool for archiving and editing HTML.
• Allows you to sort copied text according to different columns.
• Allows you to highlight and copy text from Web pages.
• Allows you to process text files containing OCR-ed text.
• Allows you to copy from documents and to create documents.
• Allows you to use CTRL-Tab to cycle between different clipboards, search, view and edit clipboard contents.
• Allows you to easily paste formatted text to other programs via CTRL-V or CTRL-Alt-V.
• Allows you to view the clipboard contents from various windows with just a click.
• Allows you to use keyboard shortcuts to quickly copy, paste, view and edit clipboard entries.
• Allows you to perform cutting, pasting, searching and filtering of your clipboard.

i want to have a small memory for my own documents,specially my texts,documents and books in my computer. i have visual basic 5 and office 2000 and after some time my memory is out of the limit.i want to know that is there a tool to store my own documents and saving them as a memory like this it?

You don’t need a tool to do what you want. Just use the Windows disk for Documents and Settings


• This software allows to store 10 text snippets (the equivalent of copy and paste them ten times).
• It allows users to apply formatting rules to text clips.
• You can save as many clipboard as you need, e.g. to work on long and complex projects.
• Users can also purify text that has been stored.
• Users can filter data, and sort information according to their needs.
• Other options include “URL encoding and decoding, HEX to INT and vice-versa”.
• Users can change to caps or lower-case, among other options.
• It also allows for the integration with network-enabled devices.
• When certain situations arise, TenClips can be used for data exchange through the network.
• It allows users to filter and sort network data.

It’s versatile and highly useful tool. It’s an exclusive software for removing unwanted space between sentences, or paragraphs, it also sharpens/trims sentences. The essential being that its a macro tool which runs very quickly.

Pillows *”*Pagé*”* is an innovative and unique software with a tool that successfully completed the work of the ’emulated’ task manager in the Windows operating system. Even better! With its tool “Pillows”, the user can eliminate unnecessary distractions, save memory and battery, clean large useless tasks, beautify the shell of the window, and remove all unnecessary windows (left or right).

The software offers a lot of configuration options and it is flexible enough to adapt to the user’s needs. A graphical interface is offered with animations that are not only entertaining but also useful and powerful. This is a real time saver. Save as you add content and other useful tips that will help you in your daily work.

What’s New in this Release:
• Added an option for customization: interact with the ‘Pillows’ of any active window.
• Added an option to remove characters and lines from text in any window.
• Revised the user interface.
• Added a main window to check the background or a vertical strip.
• Added a message indicator in the upper right corner of the main window.
• Increased the animated background animation.
• Added the ‘exclude the clock’ option to remove the icons on the clock.
• Added a settings button in the main window to adjust the slider that adjusts the brightness of the interface.

Remove unwanted desktop icons

What’s New In?


1. The end of one message is automatically inserted
onto the end of the next message.

2. The end of a message is automatically inserted
on top of the next message when printing.

3. The same word is automatically inserted
when sending a message using Web link.

4. Windows Explorer is able to open the selected
clipboard contents as a “Recent” folder.

5. Microsoft Outlook can sort the incoming
clipboard contents in the “Sent Items” folder.

6. When users open the files, the copied content is
automatically inserted.

7. Copied content can be pasted directly by users,
and the selected content is cleared automatically
after paste.

For example, the current C&P Preferences:
1. the right mouse button opens a dropdown menu, allowing the user to choose different functions like preview, clear, or send later;
2. press Ctrl+A, choose “Copy Contents”, and press Send Later;
3. the text will be saved by default in the active folder.
When users open the files, the copied content is
automatically inserted, and the current selection
is cleared automatically after paste.

## Key features:

1. Simultaneously save 10 clipboards.
2. Merge clipboards into text strings.
3. Create a new clipboards.
4. Fill or clear a specific clipboards.
5. Unify clipboards with a solid color.
6. Create each clipboards with a specific color.
7. Assign Clips to keyboard shortcuts.
8. Share Clipboards through network.
9. Convert selected text into Clipboard content.
10. Make text appear italic, bold or underline.
11. Remove Text formatting.
12. Search the Clipboard contents.
13. Sort Clipboard contents.

Nowadays, the software industry is centered on user experience. Obviously, such an experience can’t be complete without a decent clipboard utility. The problem is, once you pay money for the software, the slightest annoying feature is likely to ruin your faith in the program. And it’s a very common mistake on the part of new users to assume that the standard Clipboard Utility is the most perfect thing that ever happened to Clipboards. Fortunately, the TenClips clipboard utility is a breath of fresh air from the past.

TenClips is a program


System Requirements For TenClips:

Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Processor: 1.6 GHz Core i3, 2.2 GHz Core i5, 2.5 GHz Core i7
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 460/AMD Radeon HD 4770 or equivalent
Storage: 1 GB available space
Additional Notes: The game will not run on older operating systems
Recommended Specifications:
Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7,


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