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Have you been searching for a program that will let you watch and organize your DVDs? It all started when my DV-box gave up the ghost. I began looking for a replacement, and when I found ThumbsPlus, I was impressed with what I saw and decided to give it a try. The program is extremely powerful and lets you easily download or rip DVDs and convert them for playback on any type of hardware, in any format, in any resolution and size. More importantly, it is compatible with most of the Windows and Mac platforms and is inexpensive, provided you don’t mind the fact that it can be a little bit slow at times. I will discuss each of the components of the program in detail and describe some of its features in order to help you make up your mind.
What Is ThumbsPlus? ThumbsPlus allows you to browse your DVDs, records and CDs, and is capable of converting them into images that can be viewed and edited. It is a comprehensive program that will work with most types of audio and video discs. What’s more, the program offers comprehensive conversion support for audio and video files as well as photos from any digital camera. With this program, you can convert your DVD movies to image files, split your CDs into individual tracks, and even convert video and audio files from one format to another.
ThumbsPlus Features
A few of the additional features that are part of the program include the ability to rename several items at a time, apply simple effects to make them look more presentable ( like the grain look ), adjust colors and image depth, view histograms to help you troubleshoot problems with visual display of files, append more content to an existing digital photo, and more. From a technical standpoint, the program is quite impressive, as it supports most types of disc, adjusts well to uneven disc densities and significantly increases the size of images. The program can even swap DVDs and records from one format to another on the fly, and is able to convert photos stored in various formats such as JPG, TGA, BMP, GIF, PCX and more. ThumbsPlus is also capable of dealing with all types of media, and with its comprehensive conversion and browsing capabilities, you will be able to perform image and file management easily and smoothly.
To sum up, ThumbsPlus is an extremely versatile, powerful and easy to use program that helps you rip DVDs, convert videos and photos, and handle media files more easily. Since it includes several additional options, such as

ThumbsPlus Pro Crack

Image Size Manipulator is a powerful image resizer tool that is able to resize any kind of JPG, GIF, ICO, PNG and TGA images – without any quality loss. It is an excellent tool for users who want to resize a digital photo to any desired file format or for online use.
With the help of this software, you can shrink, crop, rotate and enlarge image files. Hence, Image Size Manipulator will be a great choice for designers and graphic artists that want to resize images and photos. It is easy to use and offers an intuitive interface.
Add effects to pictures
Many effects can be applied to your digital images to improve their final appearance. You can use them as well to create special presentations for yourself.
Image Size Manipulator has a streamlined user interface with a powerful but easy-to-use interface. It enables you to drag and drop files into the preview pane to view them as a thumbnail. The size and location of this thumbnail can be adjusted easily.
You can customize the output size by resizing the image with simple drag and drop. By clicking on the output option in the bottom right corner, a dropdown list of image formats will appear.
The software has many different image resizing modes, which can be used to resize images:
The Magician mode is a combination of the Magic Wand and the Content-Aware technology.
The Magic Wand tool allows the user to select a specific area of the image to be cropped or replaced. It is perfect for removing unwanted background such as hair, clothes, or an old passport photo.
The Content-Aware tool computes the context of the image and its features, and it then replaces the large image with a copy of its small counterpart. This makes the output have a content-aware look.
The Crop function is used to make the image fit into a specific area.
The Straighten tool helps to make the image appear straight, without distortion.
The Mirror tool can be used to mirror the image horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
The Tint tool can be used to adjust the color of the image.
Another great feature that makes Image Size Manipulator stand out is its built-in archive utility. It enables users to save an image in different formats for different situations. This way, the user will be able to save, for example, a digital photo in JPEG, BMP, PDF, PSD, JPG and ICO formats simultaneously.
Weighing 5.

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ThumbsPlus Pro is a complex software tool developed specifically to help individuals view and easily navigate through all photos on your computer, as well as edit them and their metadata, and assign keywords.
Cluttered, yet modern UI
The installation process does not last long and does not bring any kind of surprises. Once you wrap it up, you are greeted by a modern and a bit cluttered interface. It consists of a menu bar, several shortcut buttons, and a few panels to let you preview images, display a folder structure, thumbnails and metadata.
However, both power and novice users can still find their way around it, as there are also some extensive Help contents you can read when you reach a dead end.
Manage, edit and convert photos
This software tool enables you to upload TPDB8S and MDB databases, and you can also browse the contents of your hard drive, with the help of the built-in tree view. Moreover, you can perform managing actions such as moving or copying items to another location on the hard drive, renaming several of them at a time, assigning them keywords or tags, go to containing directory, copy file name, keywords, thumbnails and image to the Clipboard, e-mail, print or delete them.
When it comes to editing, you can adjust colors, their depth and balance levels, you can invert colors, view histograms, insert stamps and watermarks, photos can be resized, cropped and rotated.
Pictures can be acquired from a scanner or camera, in one of the formats supported (BMP, GIF, ICO, JPG, PCX, PNG, RAW, TGA, TIF, WMF etc.) and in a custom location on the hard. Moreover, you can use a search function, view items as a slideshow and quickly convert files from one format to another.
To sum up, ThumbsPlus Pro is a well-rounded piece of software, as it contains a large number of configurable options. It has a good response time, it does not use many system resources, and presents powerful backup and restore capabilities.
User reviews of ThumbsPlus Pro

There are currently no reviews for this product.



ThumbsPlus Pro is a complex software tool developed specifically to help individuals view and easily navigate through all photos on your computer, as well as edit them and their metadata, and assign keywords.

What’s New in the ThumbsPlus Pro?

Auto Key

Michael of Unknown
Reviewed on Mar 11, 2017

The program has the impressive ability to offer a variety of other optional features, including a format converter, image editor, image adjustment tools, and a photo browser. It is the best program of the bunch with a lot of features that can be found in the next four programs. However, if you are looking for a program that is just great with basic photo editing features, this may be the program for you.

“Expert Mode”

Amanda of Unknown
Reviewed on Jan 20, 2017

Thanks to the Topaz Labs photography software and its user-friendly interface, it’s easy to learn how to use their software tools to help you get exactly the best effect for each image. We found the ThumbsPlus and ThumbsPlus Pro versions of their software to be easy to use, but if you are looking for more advanced features, then you should consider the more expensive and capable but more complicated Media Pro software instead.

“You need to know your color correction basics”

Charles of Unknown
Reviewed on Sep 20, 2016

If you are new to editing your photo, then you will find that the ThumbsPlus Editor is the perfect way to learn the basics. Although you can get a long way with just selecting the correct adjust sliders, a little bit of practice is always a good idea. This is because it is impossible to effectively correct all of your color issues using just a few sliders.
Once you’ve mastered your new skills and have a good idea of what you are doing, then you can move on to the ThumbsPlus Pro version. This version has an advanced editing mode with tools that are designed to make your life easier.

“Managing your images”

Karen of Unknown
Reviewed on Aug 15, 2016

If you want to import RAW files, then you will need to use ThumbsPlus Pro. This version does allow you to do this, and when you import all your files you can do a bit of editing to make sure that the program will display the best results from any of them. There are many editing effects to choose from, and it is very easy to add extras such as text, stickers, photo borders, or other similar effects.

“Best for professionals”

Henriette of Unknown
Reviewed on Jul 02, 2016

The ThumbsPlus Editor is a very capable program

System Requirements:

– Camera is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
– DirectX is required, visit DirectX download page for a list of your version and/or download the latest version.
To activate Steam before installing the game, visit this page.
– A supported audio device (computer or headset) is recommended
– Required to run the game
– Camera is compatible with Windows Vista,

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