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Tranquility is an application which will change your computer’s use in your home or office. Tranquility is very easy to use. Start using your home computer for in house ambience, in ways you never thought of before.
Entertain guests with pre-programmed, customizable- expandable acoustic Sound Environments and Environement Collections for longer more variant but controlled background. In-laws visiting? Set the ‘Zoo’ to turn on at 6:30 PM followed by heavy storm at 6:55 to 8pm, then?
You decide ! Create unlimited Environments of your own. Organize these into your own Collections. Set certain Environments to play at certain times of the day or night. Surprise yourself, click the Randomize everything button, but be prepared!







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Download Tranquility now!
If the TRANQ spot is green, then your Tranquility is operational.
One might have trouble using Tranquility at first, depending on where they are. But everyone is familiar with their computer system, so Tranquility will be no different.
Tranquility is a wonderful application for those who have computers with multiple display output options, such as a 32-bit operating system. If the TRANQ spot is green, then the Tranquility system is operational.
Tranquility is also fully compatible with multitasking operating systems.
”’Note: If you have ever purchased Tranquility”, you can download the old data files for faster operation. These are located in the following folder: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\Tranquility\Videos”, this folder is only needed if you find performance issues. These files may or may not work for newer operating systems.
Version History:
1.00: Initial release

You should only need to burn a new ISO image if you encounter stability problems with the current version. Your Tranquility should also go back to normal functionality if you receive any relevant updates to your operating system.

Tranquility’s Eco Cd is much more powerful than most of its competitors’ and it has several features that even the most expensive comparable products don’t offer.
Not only can you use your computer as a whole: use the Eco-CD as a router, switch and hub. You can plug a PC or mobile phone (cell phone or cell phone) into the Eco-CD using the Eco-USB ports and use the Eco-CD as an interface and charger for the PC or cell phone.
Tranquility’s Eco-CD supports the standard USB 2.0 port. The Eco-CD can act as a USB 2.0 or USB 1.1 host. It is also compatible with a USB hub. (Tranquility’s main features require a USB 2.0 port for optimal performance.)
If you are a travel addict, the Tranquility Eco-CD provides you with a home or office anywhere in the world.
Your computer or cell phone can be plugged into the Eco-CD and data can be exchanged between your PC and your cell phone. You can also take phone calls using the Eco-CD, without ever having to carry the cell

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Browse the Tranquility Sound Library for over 25,000 songs including Rock, New Age, Classical, Jazz, Instrumental, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Movie and TV music, Ambient, Instrumental Folk and other Electric Instrumentals for the Pro User. All libraries can be played simultaneously through the ‘Ctrl+Z’ hot key combo. Live streaming is possible via the TVout web interface.
Customizable, expandable, preprogrammed acoustic Environments.
Install and use your own Environments. Then, after the fact, get instant access to your own library of Environments.
Create an unlimited number of Collections using the Sound Library ‘Database’ windows.
Create your own customized collections of Environments, or browse the library for Collections created by others.
Choose the length, speed, and tempo of your Environment. A unique, random, and slow to fast transition will enable you to switch effortlessly from one Environment to the next.
10,000 sound samples ranging from a quiet whisper to a thunderous storm, all at 256k per second.
Ambient, Instrumental Folk, Electric Guitar, Woodwind, Film Soundtracks, Classical, Jazz, Rock, Piano, Chamber Music, Country, Singer Songwriter, Chamber Choir and other options.
Hotkeys: Ctrl+Z to toggle between Environments. Ctrl+A to toggle between Collections. There are a number of hotkeys that also act as filters for your Environments and Collections.
Hotkeys: Ctrl+G to reload an Environment. Ctrl+Shift+G to reload an Environment.
Automatic updates.
WYSIWYG edit window

Chromium 7.0.587.0

Please be aware that Chromium 7.0 introduces a number of new bugs.
If you encounter any of the following errors please see the list of known issues:
• No Quick Commands
• Images fail to load

I have a Win7 laptop and a Win8 desktop, so I try to do a fresh install of Windows if I am going to use the Free version.

Now I have a problem with the default Downloads and applications folder. There is a “Deluge” subfolder, and they have…

Hardware Acceleration has been enabled in the Settings > Options > Privacy and Security, and I have ensured that the option is checked to switch on hardware acceleration for all the 3D games in the list. (So, there were five games

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Main Features :

Selectable sound streams of Ambient Music, Speech, and Distant Radio; Customize the listening experience with a unique collection of sound-scapes.

Sound Environments allow you to have your own customized world with real-time technology and the ability to grow with your own ideas.

Expandable functionality via Homescreen, Application Dictionary, and Settings.

Collections allow for the grouping of different sound-scapes, allowing you to keep them organized.

Tranquility Compatibility Issues:

This application uses an external program for most of its cool features, such as the in-built database of ambience sounds. These sounds are located on the users desktop, and cannot be moved. Tranquility will not function fully without these sounds.

Tranquility – Installation Instructions:

Download Tranquility from the iTunes App Store

Uninstall all other sound players

Copy and paste the sound files (ambience & collections) to the Tranquility folder on the desktop

You’ll be asked to replace all these files with the ones in the Tranquility package. DO NOT REPLACE THE ORIGINAL FILES

Open Tranquility

Select the ambience sound that you want your sound environment to use

To make a new collection, select one of the two image icons in the top corner of the screen

To add a sound environment, select the image icon in the top left corner of the window

NOTE : If you are concerned about the data, Tranquility will not store any data on the computer. All sounds and collections are stored as a list of filenames on the desktop. A copy of this list is stored in the Tranquility application as well

Copy the desired sound into the environment you created

Select the ambiance sound from the list of sound streams

The content will start playing in the background on your computer

To access your collections, select the icons in the left hand corner of the Tranquility window

Sort your Collections alphabetically in the left hand column

Select a Collection and select a sound to use in the sound environment

To load a sound environment, select the image icon in the top left corner of the window

There are over 20 Ambience Sounds and nearly 150 Sound Collections.

If you are a novice, you should start with a few simple sounds, such as in-house ambience, room amb

What’s New In?

Tranquility is a custom sound application. It is an easy to use, customizable sound application. Tranquility was designed by the author, a sound enthusiast, and sound engineer to give the user the ability to create their own “soundscape”. You control the “soundscape” with just a few easy controls. The user has full control over each of the custom sound files and built in sound environments. Tranquility can be used in your home or office for ambience to help you relax or be creative. You can play custom sound files in the background while you work or interact with friends on your personal computer. This program is free and can be downloaded from the website.


The answer depends on what your goals are. If it’s to only play music, I’d recommend your soundcard (if you have one) or similar application. It’s designed to run without a dedicated processor and has just a single-core CPU.
If you want to play multiple songs at the same time (I’m imagining something like an mp3 jukebox) you could use Real Player (10+ years old).
If you want to add some music to the environment, I would recommend buying a tablet device like the Kindle Fire or the Nook that have different types of storage that will let you save your music and audiobooks.

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System Requirements:

Supported Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2016:
Supported macOS 10.12 Sierra:
Changes from version 10.3:
Added support for macOS 10.12 Sierra.
Changes from version 10.2:
Fixed bug that could cause certain images to show incorrectly.
Changes from version 10.1:
The icon for the Windows 10 ISO is now created with a higher resolution.
The Windows 10 ISO

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