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TSClip is a simple to use audio clipper filter that provides music producers and DJs with peak limit control and a saturation module.
The enables users to adjust input, drive, bass boost and limit parameters so they can shape the output according to their taste.
NOTE: Detailed information about the plugin is made available here.


Download >>>>> https://urllie.com/2snY3E

Download >>>>> https://urllie.com/2snY3E






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Main features:
* Peak control…

A lightweight, yet powerful, editor for FADER Magazine’s Mix The Riveters by DJ Markee on offer (
This editor comes complete with all the required functions to trim, merge, split, edit, reorder or fade out or fade in sections of the files.
* 50 mbs of Stereo-Audio Input and Output

A lightweight, yet powerful, editor for FADER Magazine’s Mix The Riveters by DJ Markee on offer (
This editor comes complete with all the required functions to trim, merge, split, edit, reorder or fade out or fade in sections of the files.
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What’s New In TSClip?

1. Did you know about the audio clipper filters?
2. Would you like to create your own peak limiter/saturation effect without writing a single line of code?
3. Would you like to use a convenient GUI to create your new peak limiters?
4. Does this plugin meet your need?
5. What do you think about this plugin?

For more information, please check the documentation, update and ask question about this plugin.
If you like this plugin remember to rate.

Version 1.0 (for Windows)
It’s a Standalone version. No pre-installed libraries required.
(Also, it includes a peak limiter functionality)

At first, start “TSClip”. There’s no need to click on “Add Saturation Effect”
because it’s a stand-alone plugin.

Because a preset is created for “TSClip”, the user can specify the peak setting and
the saturation setting only with “Presets”

For example,

1. To create the effect using “Presets”, click on “Presets” at the upper right of TSSaturationEffectWindow.
2. To change the saturation and the peak limit, specify the new settings.
3. To delete the preset, click on “Remove”

If you want to create the effects using a folder, move to “TSClip” folder and click on “Make it
a Folder”.
Then you can place your preset and modify the settings like this:


System Requirements For TSClip:

Supported OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or later
Memory: 4GB RAM
Hard Drive: 25GB Free Space
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 or higher
Internet: Broadband or faster
Application: The latest version of the CryENGINE® SDK
To experience true HDR functionality, HDCP-compliant monitors are required.
CryENGINE® Version: Available in CryENGINE® 2.0 or CryENGINE® 2.2
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 or


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