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TVBox is a Windows freebie developed to allow users watch online TV with ease.
The design of the GUI is the one that makes everything impressively easy to use, although you may discover several drawbacks as you explore the application.
There's no search feature available, but TVBox lets users pick a channel by choosing from the available categories, countries and languages.
While categories include business, education, sports, news, music or kids, the “Country” drop-down menu provides access to channels from Canada, France, Romania, Russia, Thailand, Turkey or the USA.
A channel list panel is also included in the same main window, with a history tab to enable you easily reopen a channel that you previously loaded. What's more, you can add the items you like the most to favorites and access them again with just a single click.
The most important problem is that TVBox comprises only a small number of stations and you're not even allowed to add new ones or edit the existing entries. What's more, some of the listed streams are dead, so only a few channels actually work as they were supposed to.
On the other hand, TVBox doesn't require advanced computer knowledge to work properly and runs smoothly on all Windows iterations.
All things considered, TVBox does what it says and it not only lacks many important features, but it also needs major updates to the existing ones. More channels, an integrated search feature and stable links would definitely help a lot.







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Experience free streaming online TV and movies with TVBox Cracked Version – a handy little freeware that is light, intuitive and easy to use.
For those times when you don’t have much time to watch a whole episode of a TV-series or a movie online, TVBox is the ideal solution: play a movie or a TV-series as you would with a DVD.
Fully compatible with Microsoft Media Player, just browse to a file that is compatible with it (usually Windows MPEG files). Watch TVBox for free!
* Free online TV on your PC
* Watch TVBox offline with no registration required
* Download free movies and TV-series
* Previews of movies and TV-series
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* Watch TVBox from your USB device (external HDD, memory stick, etc.)
* Watch videos or programs that you’ve previously downloaded
* Browse to your folder and pick any video you have downloaded
* Watch TVBox for free
* Watch TV shows that are downloaded
* Watch TV shows and movies that are watching
* No download required
* As you browse your folders, TVBox keeps track of downloaded videos so you will automatically
* Watch TVBox from your USB device
* No registration required
* Quick search and category choices
* Watch TVBox from your browser
TVBox Movie and TV-show List:

Planet or station (tv-show channel) The name of the channel.

Name of the TV-show (movie) if available


Season (number)

Episode (number)

Duration of the movie or season

Broadcast year

The IMDB rating of the movie or TV-show.

Title of the movie or TV-show, if available

Comment of the user if available.


Downloadable or not
Download Movies and TV-show list
TVBox Extras
* Watch movies or TV-series that you’ve previously downloaded with the Favorites feature
* Watch TVBox from your USB device
TVBox Customer Support
* Email TVBox,
* Support forum,
* Submit your question,
* View and Download tutorial videos.

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Watch your favourite TV on the internet!
Watch the video on the Internet.
Watch video clips from news, newscasts and entertainment shows.
Watch your favourite video from YouTube, Yahoo, Veoh, Metacafe, Google, Dailymotion, Hulu, AOL, ABC News, BBC, TBS, MTV, CNN, Fox, National Geographic Channel, History Channel, Food Network, A&E, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel and more.
Watch TV online streaming to save your time and get the information you want from the internet.

Adroidbox is a Kodi 14.0 add-on for Streamhub. Androidbox is designed for watching popular live TV and on demand entertainment over the internet.
In this guide, I’m going to help you with each and every step required to install this add-on on Kodi 16.0 Krypton.
.NOTE: I’m using a 32-bit version of Kodi, but the guide will work for both 32-bit and 64-bit of Kodi versions. It will also work for both version of Androidbox.
The guide is very simple to follow and doesn’t have any chances of getting stuck or stopping mid-way. To install Androidbox on Kodi, follow the steps mentioned below.
Step 1: Installing Androidbox Add-on
Enable Kodi addon repository:
In the homepage, select Settings > Add-on repository > Add-on sources > Add
Tap on ‘Search’. Then type ‘Androidbox’ in the search bar.
Select the first and the third result from the search results.
Tap on install button to install the add-on on Kodi.
Wait till the add-on is added to the Kodi repository.
To verify, select the search bar and type ‘Androidbox’.
You will see the add-on and its details.
If you don’t see it, then restart Kodi.
Step 2: Adding Androidbox to Settings>Add-on section on the Home Screen
Select ‘Settings’ from the Home Screen panel.
Select ‘Add-on’ from the menu.
Select ‘My add-ons’ under Androidbox icon.
Press ‘OK�

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Watch the best Live TV online on your computer.
Now you can watch live radio and TV streams with all the channels on your computer screen.
Live TV Box is an excellent solution for watching Live TV online.
Watch live TV or live radio all time. Watch favorite channels, Live TV,
Voice and Music radio. Watch TV shows, movies, soccer matches and documentaries.
TVBox – Watch Live TV & Radio On PC
Simple, easy-to-use and reliable Live TV and Radio software to watch and listen live TV and radio channels on your computer.
– Watch live TV: Watch your favorite TV shows, including news, sports, talk shows and drama.
– Watch Live radio: Listen to your favorite live radio stations worldwide.
– Enjoy broadcast TV and listen to your favorite channels: Watch live TV and radio streams.
– Watch online from everywhere: Watch live TV channels on your computer, smartphone or tablet.
– Instantly: Watch from anywhere at any time with TVBox and there’s no wait.
– Choose live TV: Watch all the TV channels you want.
– Watch and listen to your favorite channels: Now you can see your favorite TV and radio channels with few clicks on your browser.
– Live TV and radio guide: Watch TV and listen to live radio channels.
– FM radio: Enjoy voice radio stations from all over the world.
– Audio quality: Watch live TV channels with high quality audio, HD and DTS.
– HD and DTS support: Stream live TV on your computer or mobile device in high quality audio.
– Watch live online TV channels and live radio: Watch live TV channels and live radio stations.
– Watch from everywhere: Watch live TV on your computer, smartphone or tablet.
– Watch all the channels you want: Watch your favorite TV channels wherever you want to watch live TV.
– Enjoy broadcast channels: Watch all the live TV channels online.
– Watch live TV and listen to your favorite radio stations online: Watch live TV and listen to your favorite radio stations online.
– Enjoy online radio streaming: Listen to online live radio stations.
– HD and DTS: Stream high quality audio.
– Advanced detector: Detect and remember favorite channels.
– Fast detector: Watch your favorite live TV and radio channels, fast.
– Add channels: Add live TV and radio channels.
– Favorites: Add channels to favorites list.
– Watch TV: Watch live TV channels.

What’s New In?

Online TV is a free program that allows users watch TV online with ease.

TVBox is a simple yet powerful online TV provider, allowing users to watch selected content from various sources, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and YouTube, or to record directly from the programs that they like.

TVBox includes a powerful search function that lets users select the content to watch, regardless of its location or language. There are various sources, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube and a number of other sites that offer TV content.

You can also record programs with time and date limiting directly on the program, and use the built-in TV tool to choose the content to record. // Do nothing.
return extraBytesSize;

unsigned long AudioCDDAInfo::getExtraBytes(uint64_t cddaMaxSize)
if (cddaMaxSize

System Requirements For TVBox:

• You need to have a 1.73GHz PC with at least 4GB of RAM.
• All graphics devices must be compatible with DirectX 9.0c
• 1024×768 screen resolution and a 25 Hz display refresh rate
• Dual Shock 3 controllers are required to play the game.
• If you want to play the game with English voice, you need to download the game once again, then copy your files from the original folder (C:/Program Files/Ubi Soft/Thisbe) to the new folder (C:/Program

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