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Ultra-Pad has been created as a better alternative to the WordPad application available in Windows.
Installation process, main screen
The installation routine is pretty easy to carry out but attention should be paid during the process because the application attempts to automatically associate opening TXT, RTF and INI documents with it.
Looks are not exactly common as the default skin makes the application seem like it is missing something. Turning off the theme brings to the table a more familiar look.
Most of the options are available in the upper part of the screen, while in the lower part you can view the storage location of the current document and the number of lines and columns.
Font-related options include the possibility to change the type, size and format as well as to alter alignment. Additionally, Ultra-Pad provides settings for modifying line spacing or applying some indentation.
Switching the case for a text selection is also on the list, with options to change all letters to upper or lower case, capitalizing each word or applying sentence case. Moreover, insert symbols and characters is on the list of choices as well.
However, this is all to be expected, but Ultra-Pad has a more eccentric side that involves sound effects, one of them mimicking typing on a mechanical typewriter.
It may be pretty cool at the beginning but after a phrase or two it turns into a very annoying deal. The same can be said of the audio announcing that the current focus is on Ultra-Pad.
The application is a mix between WordPad and a more elaborate word processing application. It does not raise to the highest standard and its looks are out-of-time but it does incorporate some interesting options that can almost rival with some of the modern word processors on the market.









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Ultra-Pad is a really cool and maybe even inspirational word processing solution. It allows you to make a lot of cool effects and treats you with some new possibilities.
Ultra-Pad is easy to handle but a bit hard to learn. The features are quite extensive but some of them lack some improvements, like for example no option to undo/redo actions. Not being able to do that means that you can’t undo or redo actions such as to change a font or an alignment and later correct the typo. Ultra-Pad currently has a limited audience and will probably stay that way.
Ultra-Pad key features include:
· Ultra-Pad is full screen compatible. This means you can open Ultra-Pad from the desktop (but you won’t have the ability to close it or minimize it unless you buy a commercial license). Ultra-Pad being full screen compatible allows you to use your mouse to scroll through content even if you cannot move the mouse pointer outside of Ultra-Pad.
· Ultra-Pad lets you choose between four different themes. This allows you to change the look of your Ultra-Pad to match the tastes.
· There is only one skin. The skin allows you to change the font and the alignment and also change the background. The background allows you to change the background, text or the theme that you are currently using.
· Ultra-Pad supports many fonts. You can choose from a number of different fonts, each having a different size and style.
· Ultra-Pad allows you to change the text format. These features include the text justification, alignment and the orientation.
· Ultra-Pad allows you to make many corrections. These include adding, deleting and changing text, font, color, and background. Ultra-Pad also lets you change the text style and change the type.
· There is a lot of customizing options. The customization options allow you to change the case of text, change the line spacing, change the color scheme, change the background, and change the font.
· Text can be inserted, erased, cut, copied, or pasted. This includes many options such as pasting text from clipboard, cutting a word and pasting that word, or the ability to insert tags and even image.
· You can create charts. This feature allows you to create tables, graphs, charts, and even the ability to insert graph bars.
· Ultra-Pad lets you change the voice. This means that you can create many cool sounds such as

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Ultra-Pad ( is a free text editor for Windows.
Ultra-Pad is a cross between Microsoft WordPad and a full-featured text editor, with an advanced text editor’s functionality. Ultra-Pad has features that give it a smart, great look and feel. It is an easy-to-use text editor with a free look that might change the way you do all of your document writing, text editing and editing. You can use Ultra-Pad for:
* Writing text of any length.
* Edit documents and HTML files, including text editing and formatting of any size.
* Check, create, edit and store any Microsoft Windows document and HTML file.
* Change any document into different writing systems, including French, Polish, Polish dialects, Czech, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew and many others.
* Use Ultra-Pad in combination with a modern writing environment.
* Use Ultra-Pad as a standard Windows text editor.
* Multi-line Text Editor
* Tab-completion
* Commenting, undo/redo, cut/copy/paste
* Document Recovery feature
* Fully Unicode compliant, Windows Compatible
* Single language text, simple and clean
* Small application size
* Light-weight, no installation requirements
* Built-in help system with built-in words.

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Ultra-Pad is an all-in-one word processing and editing application. Its main features include:

Easily document editing and formatting
Working with tables
Exporting files for Microsoft Office products

Main directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ultra-Pad
Uninstaller: C:\Program Files\Ultra-Pad\Uninstall.exe
Additional support files: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ultra-Pad\Support

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In the last few years, the User Interface has become a major trend in the development of software applications. In the beginning, there was a major emphasis on the use of graphical elements and the search for design methodologies. Now the focus has shifted to the usability. This is a trend that will continue in the coming year.

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What’s New in the?

Smart Word Processor.

Ultra-Pad is a smart word processor, the optimum alternative to other word processors of that category. Ultra-Pad is free of charge. It is better than any office application out there: fast, ergonomic, rich in functions, attractive, efficient and intuitive.



Ultra-Pad’s multi-window interface consists of a multiple number of windows:
Editor (text editor),
Folders (files and folders),
Links (hyperlinks and URL’s),
List (unsorted and sorted list),
Sidebars (font/symbol-chooser, word-count, assistance, presets).


Ultra-Pad is based on an enhanced version of the RichTextEditor, but with extra functionality and much more power. With this application you can save files as text files, HTML, MS Word, MS Excel, TXT, RTF, INI, XML and more. Ultra-Pad gives you a powerful Editor and Editor Tools with WordFence™ protection. Free and safe to use.

Editor Tools:

Ultra-Pad Editor Tools includes:
Undo history,
Spell Check,
Bulk-File Search,
URL’s and hyperlinks,
Word Count,
Text Highlighting,
Check spelling,
Plugins (Symbols, Alignment, Indentation),
Show separators.


Ultra-Pad includes a built-in toggle-window function to split the application’s window. Thus you can focus on the screen for a particular task while the other program runs in the background.

Folders (files and folders):

Ultra-Pad includes a built-in navigation-panel for files and folders, which is displayed at the bottom of the application’s window.

List (unsorted and sorted list):

Ultra-Pad’s List includes an unsorted and a sorted list. The unsorted list is a list of words or letters. The sorted list is a list of words or letters that are sorted alphabetically.

Links (hyperlinks and URL’s):

Ultra-Pad includes a built-in hyperlink feature which can be enabled by activating the link-icon (→).

Links can be established between this application and any Internet or FTP service which


System Requirements For Ultra-Pad!:

Windows 10 64-bit
4.5 GB free disk space
Dolby TrueHD audio with headphones
Capacity: Dolby Digital(2.0), Dolby Digital EX(2.0)
Resolution: 1280×720 @60Hz (widescreen)
Language: English
Supported Browser: All supported browsers (IE 8+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera)
Supported OS: Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista(SP1) and Windows 7 (SP1)


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