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If you've been looking lately for a reliable source of weather forecasts, look no further. UV Weather is an extension for Chrome that aims to offer as much weather and climate information as possible, without actually stealing your time or space. It's easy to use and definitely intuitive.
There is no doubt that this addon was created with reliability in mind as the main characteristic. Aside from full weather reports, you get an hourly UV Index and one-week forecasts. UV Weather is a repository of information regarding the state of the weather.
It's good to have it if you're always in a hurry
If you always have to be somewhere and find it difficult to spare time for checking the forecast, this extension could prove more than useful. In its most basic form, it displays the current temperature and UV index.
Once clicked, the live icon, situated next to the browser address bar, gives way to an expanded window with more information on the weather status around your location. You can actually set the location manually if the addon does not seem to do a decent job in this regard. Besides, the more accurate the location, the more credible the forecast is.
Checking ahead is also an option with this addon
If you are not interested in actually checking the weather for your current time and place, you can also check information for other areas and for the following 7 days. It's simple and can be of help if you're planning a trip to some other place and urgently need to make a decision regarding the content of your baggage.
The weather report is complete. You get just about every type of information you would expect. The UV index remains the most important piece of information, especially if you are experiencing a hot and dry climate.
UV Weather is the perfect candidate for an individual that would like to be more informed when it comes to the weather and climate in an area of choice. It's easy to use and accurate, two characteristics that shape the whole experience one may have with this particular extension.







UV Weather PC/Windows (Updated 2022)

UV Weather offers current weather reports and forecast along with an index of the UV air quality. Currently, it supports 31 locations and the next week forecast for 7 locations. The extension has a “report in place” feature that will automatically update the weather data on your search results based on your location.

How to install

Visit the official website, choose the addon you wish to install and then click “Download Now”. You can then go ahead and install it on your browser through the browser add-ons interface.

If you choose to follow the tutorial steps, you will end up with a message informing you that the addon has been successfully installed.

How to use

After you have installed UV Weather, you will be able to select a location on the map or enter a specific location by entering a city name or an address. Once done, you will be able to search for a city or address and get a complete weather report. There will be some buttons on the top bar that enable you to set the location, select a day and change the forecast.

The UV Index

The UV Index is the official unit that measures how much of the UV radiation is present in the air and also how likely it is to adversely affect your health if you are outside. It is not merely a value but a unit of comparison, with an easily understandable number between 0 and 10.

The UV Index shows the changes in the UV Index between the current day and the subsequent day. The range is between 0 and 10.

0 – Good

4 – Fair

7 – Medium

10 – Bad

UV Index in different places

The UV Index remains the most important piece of information provided by this addon. The information is updated once per hour, and you will be able to see the latest UV index for your current location in the form of a search result.

Information on the current weather at the time of your search results will be available in the top menu with a button next to the browser address bar.

Report in place

To get information from the next 7 days, as mentioned earlier, you just need to pick the option called “7 days” and enter your location. The locations are as follows.


Berlin, Berlin, Germany


Bangalore, Bangalore, India


Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Chennai, Chennai, India

UV Weather Crack +


Pick the currently shown location or specify a manually entered location.

Gets weather info (temperature, UV Index, wind speed, humidity and more) as well as 7-day forecasts.

Automatic location updates if the installed GPS is functional.

Tracks weekly UV Index forecast.

Detailed UV Forecasts can be downloaded daily.

User-friendly interface.

A personalized forecast per day/week.

Support for multiple weather providers.

Unlock for free and remove limitations with an in-app purchase.

Other UV Weather Cracked Accounts addon may have more features.

Support for your specific weather provider / datacenter.

Last Updated On 8/31/2017

Chromium Author:


No need to root or jailbreak.

Easy to Use

UV Weather 2022 Crack is also easy to use since you just have to click the icon in the browser’s address bar to get information on the state of the weather. There are also multiple options to be made available. You could turn it on or off, toggle the forecast, view a single day or last week’s forecast. In general, it’s a great time saver when it comes to finding out about the weather.

Smooth and Stable

When installed, the addon gets in sync with the weather provider location without a glitch. It is not prone to any lags in the forecast nor to any error messages. It does not need any special permissions, and it comes with a friendly user interface.


The addon does not show any bugs when it comes to its features. It has even been tested for bugs. The author has already fixed several minor issues that used to crop up when the addon was launched. So, if you encounter bugs when using the addon, the author has probably already hit upon the problem.

Just What You Needed

UV Weather Crack Keygen has quite a lot to offer. It allows you to get a forecast for any location you wish to and for any time period you wish to use it for. Apart from providing temperature and UV forecast, it can also tell you the time and whether rain will fall or not. So, that should be enough to convince most of the users to purchase it.

The only downside with this addon is that it has a paid version. It’s free to use, but after you have purchased, you will get full access

UV Weather With Full Keygen

One of the most exciting things about this Addon is that it is very simple to use.
When you first visit the extension, you will get your location, a live icon indicating the current weather conditions.
To view information about the weather for the upcoming hours, and to set a location, just click the icon.
The UV Index is also available, in addition to the current temperature.
When you click the icon again, you get a full report about the weather status for the coming week.
And since it’s so simple to use and precise, you can easily use the addon to save time and look more closely at your surroundings.
Use and distribution of this service is subject to the laws of the country in which you are located.
Please consult your jurisdiction’s laws for more information.
Users must be over 18 years of age to be able to register and use the service.
This extension will not change the weather.

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What’s New in the?

1) UV Weather is a powerful tool that helps you predict the weather in your current location and also for the next 7 days.
2) You have the option of setting your current location, which could help with accurancy.
3) Fast to use, you don’t have to waste your precious time checking the forecast.
Uv weather reports are detailed and contain a number of useful information. They are separated into sections that are as follows:
UV Index
Uv Index forecast for the next 7 days
Cumulative Rainfall (cm)
Wind Speed (m/s)
Wind direction
Sun/Moon phase
Mean Sea Level Pressure
Wind direction (km/h)
14 day forecast
Nightly thunderstorm coverage
UV monitor coverage
Each data point is a useful tool for the weather forecasting community. Temperature and UV index is the most important feature and the most useful one as well.

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System Requirements For UV Weather:

OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 4 GB HD space
Graphics: DirectX 9 or OpenGL
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Internet: Broadband connection, recommended
Additional Notes: May require installation
OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Ath

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