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VIPHYS Downloader Portable Crack+ Free Download (Latest)

VIPHYS Downloader is a powerful download manager that supports several download methods, including direct download from the web and file agents. It has multiple views and users can add more users. It is very easy to use and only requires a few clicks to start a download. It also offers many useful features including multi-part download, user properties, and download groups.
VIPHYS Downloader Widget Description:
VIPHYS Downloader Widget is a widget for the VIPHYS Downloader application which was designed to be as similar as possible to the Windows Explorer. It is possible to drag a link to the VIPHYS Downloader Widget to start a file transfer.
User Account Status -> Display name: Start time: > Downloads: Downloads: Uploads: Size: Size: Status: Size:
VIPHYS Downloader Pro Features:
Multipart download group: It is possible to use a group of links as one download. When the group is finished, the server will inform you whether it has succeeded.
User properties: You can add user properties to your users.
Support for FTP protocol: FTP protocols can be added as a protocol.
Main Menu: The main menu is divided into 3 categories.
Manage Downloads: Provides a list of your active downloads with its properties.
Run as a background application: Can run when a different application is active or minimized.

Preferences: There is a settings window that allows you to configure all the interface settings.
Help: A help window with lots of tips and features is available.


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VIPHYS Downloader Portable Crack + Free

VIPHYS Downloader is a portable file downloading tool developed to be a replacement of AlphaGet and offers the same features. VIPHYS Downloader is a small and efficient simple download tool. It can be used to download files from the web with simple drag&drop operations. VIPHYS Downloader supports the Drag and Drop Method of File Downloads. VIPHYS Downloader Features:
* Simple GUI with easy to use operations.
* Ready-to-use downloaded files can be opened after the operation.
* Download and support for file downloading from FTP servers.
* Support for Multi-part downloads.
* Support for download groups.
* Support for add-on download clients.
* Support for downloads in background.
* Support for choosing the file saving directory when downloading in multi-part downloads.
* Sort files by Title, Size or Name.
* Export files as WinRar, ZIP or TAR archives.

The VIPHYS Downloader software is the best download manager tool for Windows users. It has all the features that you want in an FTP download manager.

No matter how easy it seems to be, FTP file transfering for free download can be an arduous task that often require technical knowledge. How to download the file from ftp server, renaming the file and so on.
File download manager and your PC have been made much easier!

The VIPHYS Downloader version 1.15 is the most advanced file download manager for Windows. Its interface is refreshingly simple to use and gives you complete control over your downloads. You can choose which files to download first, and there is even a ‘Get Folder Contents’ option that will let you download individual files in a folder for an easier download.
You can also download from FTP servers with VIPHYS Downloader 1.15.
Whether you use (VIPHYS Downloader) software for download management on your PC, or use a dedicated downloader for your MP3/video/photo media files, this data traffic manager is the first choice to download your files online and offline. You can easily download files from various sources including FTP, HTTP, DLNA, Shareaza, torrent and media files to your PC.

With VIPHYS Downloader version 1.1, it has added support for “Get Folder Contents” feature, which enables you to download all the files from the current folder. There is also a “Search Folder

VIPHYS Downloader Portable Crack Keygen For (LifeTime)

VIPHYS Downloader is a wonderful utility for downloading files.
Full name: VIPHYS Downloader
Version: VIPHYS Downloader
License: GNU General Public License Version 2
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10
CPU: All versions of Microsoft Windows
RAM: Minimum 1GB
Installer: Small installer (around 100 MB)
VIPHYS Downloader Portable Download Link:

Recommended: VIPHYS Downloader Portable

This is the free version of the VIPHYS Downloader application, without any watermark.

Tip: You can click on the image to go to the download link.

VIPHYS Downloader 1.1
VIPHYS Downloader is a free and easy to use download manager. It works with all Internet download managers like AlphaGet, Wget, and Download Download Manager.
VIPHYS Downloader is the successor of the popular AlphaGet. VIPHYS Downloader has got some more and better features, like multi-part download and download groups. The application can handle URL lists, URL priority lists, and optionally SHA256 hashes.

VIPHYS Downloader 1.1 is the first release of the application.
For more info please refer:


VIPHYS Downloader 1.1.1 is available for download.

For more info please refer:


In all of my downloaders, I use the Last File On FTP server. With this method, you set the source location and then download the last file that you have downloaded. I have not tested the VIPHYS Downloader yet.
The website :


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What’s New In VIPHYS Downloader Portable?

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System requirements:

* Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
* Internet Explorer 7.0+ (for Desktop version)
* Internet Explorer 6.0+ (for portable version)
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System Requirements:

* Windows XP or newer
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