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Vrode Script Editor simplifies the writing, debugging and testing of scripts. It features numerous editing, searching, table and table formatting, and simplified debugging options. It can be used on multiple languages.

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App name : Vrode Script Editor
Developer : Vrode, Inc

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The main window of Vrode Script Editor is organized by panes, each of which contains different functionalities.
New and open files are displayed in the project explorer. Once you find the file you want to open you can either drag the file from the explorer or click on the button which opens the file with a specified program.
The window also has a toolbar and a menu at the bottom, where some commands are present. One of the most useful ones is the Undo command, which allows you to revert any change made in the editor. You can use this not only when you’ve created a script, but also when you’ve opened a file.
One more useful function is the Refresh command. This will change your code by highlighting all the selected text and making it unavailable for editing.
Another of the features that you may find useful is that the lines of the code, from which you want to copy, are highlighted. Clicking on the line and then pressing enter will copy the text to clipboard.
Other features
What is more, the document containing the code is displayed in the center, where all the modified code is highlighted, along with the selected text.
It is also possible to search in the code for a certain string. When you find the desired string in the code, you can either copy it to the clipboard or you can type a word which you would like to replace by the found string.
The code editor of Vrode Script Editor is integrated with an impressive array of editing options, such as the Undo feature, which allows you to undo the most recent changes, whether you have performed them intentionally or accidentally. You can also review the code in a different color scheme, from which you can easily identify parts of the script written by a specific programmer.
Another feature which you may find useful is the IntelliSense option, which basically allows you to use autocompletion when you are typing in your code. The feature comes in the form of functionality for the most popular programming languages, like C#, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, WSF, etc. You can also use the integration with code completion.
You can also switch the selected code in different colors, from the light gray to the darker ones. When you use the different colors, code elements with the same color are linked together and it is possible to view the sequence of those elements.
The application is also equipped with tools that can help you to arrange and manage the text. You can do that by

What’s New In Vrode Script Editor?

Vrode Script Editor is a powerful application equipped with a load of editing and management features and highly customizable for creating and working with scripts.

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Vrode Script Editor is a powerful application equipped with a load of editing and management features and highly customizable for creating and working with scripts. It takes little system resources and time to get acquainted with what it has to offer, making it worth a try overall.

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