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This theme provides various functions to make a website more attractive and comfortable to the viewer.You can make a particular class for the first-time visitor.It provides you a customized layout of your Website. You can create various widgets for your site and publish them on your own site. This theme also provides you a customized template for homepage and single post.



This theme is compatible with WordPress 3.1 or higher.

Template Style

This theme is a multi-purpose template,which provide different kinds of templates to manage a WordPress blog.

Theme Developed By

A new team,has developed this theme,take this as a welcoming note,truly know the quality work which is going on.

Unlimited Colors:

You can change the background color and text color of any element easily. You can apply the color of your choice to any of the theme elements such as header background, footer background, logo image, sidebar, etc.

Touch Font Support:

You can adjust the style of the font easily.

Pop Out:

Just drag the element which you wish to display outside the container and allow it to overlap the other elements.


A lot of widgets are available which will not only enhance your website with unique features but also add to the user experience.

Support and Integration:

You can integrate your site with WordPress Community forum and get regular updates from this forum.This will support you get best and latest WordPress supports.

What our client say

Good job with WP PLUGIN!!

I wanted a cool theme that I can use to advertise my business on facebook and wp plugin is by far the best. That’s what I was looking for and every aspect of the plugin was well thought out and implemented.

I’ve actually tried multiple similar plugins and none of them compare with the amount of options wp-plugin gives to the user in terms of features and look and feel.

This plugin should be used by other people for it’s unique features and it was highly recommended to me by other people.

I’ve now referred this plugin to other businesses and have done a fantastic job.

Mark Andrew

Managing Director at Network Strategies


Unique Theme Design:
This theme is really mind blowing with unique design layout and features. After installing this

WP Template Designer

Advanced themes,check that

Search the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, preview in other devices.
Preview the theme in all browsers. Make sure your theme is SEO, it looks good in all browsers, using right code, good markup, GZIP compression and uses WordPress SEO by Yoast. Check the FAQ for missing information on your site.
Search the theme and start the tutorial for the features of your theme. Adjust the theme to your needs. Learn how to modify the code.
And then when you are ready, publish the theme on your server.

Explore a Help Desk

If you don’t find the answers, just ask the whole WP community, you will be seen soon as a member of the WP community. Check the Questions & Answers section, or create your own problem or question and let the community answer them.


Choose from 9 custom layouts,or make your own layout and add your own elements, you can even change the selected WordPress theme in a very easy way.
Use any from the included and built-in shortcodes.

TinyMCE Full WYSIWYG Editor

WordPress Shortcode Manager

Upload Plugin


Buy support

Other features


Amazing template for those who like simple details and uniqueness.

Awesome, unique, creative, modern and professional, this theme will make your clients or your friends the best choice. It allows you to develop your own unique style, through the variety of all the supported WYSIWYG features.

Anyone can create the website with this theme. It is recommended to have some technical knowledge to customize the theme. This is a great theme for your personal use and does not require coding knowledge!

Upload a Logo and other images into the panel and add shortcodes.

The home and sidebars are resizable.

Google Fonts are supported.

The homepage is also integrated with the client site’s meta data.

Sidebar settings and widget positions are saved.

Free Updates

We are using the latest WP 3.5.1.

Do you want to know more, feel free to contact us, we’ll be happy to assist you.

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WP Template Designer [32|64bit]

WP template designer is an easy to use, useful tool specially designed to enable you to design amazing WordPress templates at few clicks of the button,making cool wordpress themes will be much easier.
Making your own customized WordPress templates will be a breeze,distribute them,use them or even sell them.
WP template designer Description:

Our new online WordPress Design & Development Tool is here: Every design is created on a dedicated page of your choice, and custom fields can be used to add user-customizable fields to each page. Be creative & share! Invite friends to have a joint task.
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To enable this, you must register your domain name on account.ece.cornell.edu. Once you are registered, your Cornell email will be forwarded to your ece.cornell.edu. You will not receive email at your primary ece.cornell.edu account.Dennis O’Donnell, an architect who designed structures ranging from small and hidden to titanic and architectural, has died. He was 90 years old.

A native of Brooklyn and a lifelong New Yorker, O’Donnell died at his Manhattan home Sunday. His death was confirmed by his architect son, David.

O’Donnell is perhaps best remembered for a small subterranean service alley he designed for the Bedell’s home in 1950. That famed house became a symbol of middle-class American life in the 1950s, providing a glimpse into the fates of couples who could afford two bedrooms or even a den. It was one of three from the same series of houses in Westchester and neighboring New York City suburbs that was featured on the television show, “Brady Bunch.” O’Donnell had designed the Bedell home in 1949.

[For the history of the house, read our archives post here]

Other notable houses designed by O’Donnell included:

The Ernest J. Lawrence House, 1962, located at 255 Stone St.

Seagate Mansion, 1960. Located at 775 Washington Ave., the mansion was later converted to a Christian girls’ school. The house was featured in a 2016 episode of “Detective Companion” on PBS.

The Bronx “Poughkeepsie Castle,” 1967. Located at 3187 East 161st St., the

What’s New In?

[b]WP Template Designer is a multi-purpose designed tool to empower you to design your own WordPress templates in minutes.
This easy to use program is designed to enable you to make any type of feature and functionality in WordPress templates, like, [b]header,
sidebar, footer and other more features, you would like to design in your custom wordpress templates.
[b]WP Template Designer provides you with a wonderful designed template where you can start from almost anywhere you want.
[b]WP Template Designer will even let you select the colors you would like for the template.[/b]
Even you are not a wordpress expert, you will be able to do more templates than you thought.
[b]WP Template Designer is a collaboration tool that is perfect for both professional templates and personal templates where you are sharing
your knowledge with others.[/b]
[b]Features: [/b]
[b]✔Create a beautiful and unique template[/b]
[b]✔Choose the best colors from the color palette[/b]
[b]✔Change the word and Text[/b]
[b]✔Choose the best fonts[/b]
[b]✔Option to create full width and small width templates[/b]
[b]✔Option to choose the Background Color[/b]
[b]✔3 easy steps to upload your beautiful template[/b]
[b]✔1 minute to upload a full size template[/b]
[b]✔3 minutes to upload a small size template[/b]
[b]✔1 minute to edit your template[/b]
[b]✔Save template[/b]
[b]✔Save and download to server[/b]
[b]✔Save to the gallery[/b]
[b]✔Exporting to Google Docs, Dropbox, MEGA, etc[/b]
[b]✔Export to WordPress and Bracketeer [b]free[/b] extensions[/b]
[b]✔Export to more than 40 extension of WordPress [b]extensions[/b][/b]
[b]✔Export to HTML, CSS, Javascript etc[/b]
[b]✔Export to all the popular micro blogger [/b]
[b]✔Export in any of the popular image editor[/b]


System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
Processor: Pentium 4 processor, 1GHz or better.
Memory: 1GB of RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9c compatible with a video card with a minimum of 32MB of video memory
DirectX: 9c or later
Storage: 4GB of available disk space


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