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In a time when no computer is one hundred percent stable no matter the safety measures taken, since there are dangers lurking everywhere, it is a wise decision to back up your drivers so that you can restore them in case your PC starts experiencing hardware compatibility issues. A software solution such as X-DriverBackup! seems to have speculated exactly this scenario.
An approachable interface spoiled by some spelling mistakes
Featuring an intuitive name as well as a quite simplistic main window, it is rather easy to guess which is this utility's core functionality, namely that of backing up your drivers either the regular way or from a damaged or offline system as well as restoring previously saved drivers.
Regardless of what appears to be the app's linear behavior, there is one particular aspect that contributes to its unprofessional feel. There are several spelling misfortunes, such as "clic" instead of "click" and "third parts" going for "third parties," despite the fact that the program lists quite a few supported languages, among which English, of course.
Besides, there are a few instances where English and Italian get all mixed up for no reason, which can be quite confusing, but we have noticed that this problem disappears once you reselect the desired language.
Back up and restore only specific drivers
But let's disregard these rather formal aspects and rather indulge in the application's capabilities. The first thing you are asked to do is select one of the three featured modes: "Backup," "Restore," and "Backup from offline system."
We will start with "Backup," which also provides you with a filter for your search. You can see all your PC's devices or act only on those provided with a Microsoft driver (the "Oem" button) or a third-party one.
There are even more selection criteria that help you ensure the backup process ends up being perfectly safe and instrumental to your needs. More specifically, we are referring to the "Full portability" option, which restricts the list of drivers based on whether they are entirely compatible with the backup and restore actions, as well as the "Digital signature," which ensures that you only select those drivers that are associated with an identity trusted by Microsoft.
Performing a driver backup or restoration is a straightforward process
Taking all these into account, adding the drivers you want to be backed up should pose no difficulty, and the same can be said about attaching a series of details to the file resulting from this process. You get to choose a directory where you want it to be saved, as well as a name and other specifics.
At this point, your .BKI file should already be stored on your computer, and you can deploy it whenever the need arises. And this is where the Restore section comes into play. Opening the backup file is a breeze, and in fact, your efforts should end just about here, since once you have clicked "Restore," all you have to do is sit back and watch the program do the rest.
As for the "Backup from offline system" section, in order to benefit from its advantages, you need to connect a memory storage device to your PC, and then check if it is valid for a backup that should otherwise resemble the regular one to the letter.
Also packs a command-line builder
Since we have already mentioned the tool's accessibility, we should also bring into discussion its "Command line Builder" component. As made evident by its name, the tool is designed to help you create new command line executables.
This way, you can configure settings to be automatically applied when deploying backup or restore tasks just by opening .exe files. This is helpful when you frequently have to back up and restore drivers, since you don't have to waste time setting the same options for each event.
Useful tool to back up and restore drivers quickly
To sum it all up, X-DriverBackup! is a tool that serves its rather technical purpose well enough and is not intimidating no matter how impressionable the user might be. Nevertheless, it does seem not to have paid enough attention to some details that would have made it a more professional-looking solution.









X-DriverBackup! Crack +

Clean, simple and professional, this tool is perfect for those wanting to get their drivers backed up and restored in a speedy and straightforward way.

Clean, simple and professional, this tool is perfect for those wanting to get their drivers backed up and restored in a speedy and straightforward way.
The free version is lacking several functionalities
Keeping this in mind, we should also speak about the Free version of the program. It is definitely not a bad tool to have around if you do not plan on backing up and restoring drivers on a daily basis. Even though it has its downsides, you can have your drivers backed up and restored within few seconds and without further complications.
This application’s free version has a special approach. In this version you can only back up drivers and you cannot restore them. Also, the program is only compatible with Windows 7 or later.
The program needs to be improved
As mentioned at the beginning, the tool may be useful for those who perform this task on a daily basis. It may also be a great alternative to the standard backup and restore tools included with all computers, since it can be used to backup and restore not only drivers but also application data (although the user interface of the program might be a bit odd).
Nevertheless, the application has a couple of issues that should be addressed. First of all, the Free version is limited to the backup operation. Instead, we recommend the $14.95 version that adds the possibility to restore drivers and also fits any Windows version.
Second, the program could use some improvements from a technical point of view. For instance, the editing or the recovery tools might be more responsive.
Another important aspect is the fact that the Free version is a trial version. Indeed, it might work on a daily basis, but we can’t give out a definite guarantee of its long term stability since you have to pay before you can be sure that you will not have to pay more in the future.
Lastly, we need to talk about the aesthetics. The interface might appear to be a bit odd or even complicated, but that is something that we are sure that this program is not about.
The main window of X-DriverBackup! Free Download resembles a pro version. This means that it is stable, easy to use and a little intuitive. You could even call it a good “program assistant.”
The interface lists all the drivers that are compatible with the backup and restore functions, but it shows each driver separately, which means that you can easily access the

X-DriverBackup! Crack + PC/Windows [2022]

– Back up drivers on PC
– Backup drivers on portable computer
– List of third-party drivers
– Restore drivers from backup
– Restore drivers from offline computer
– List of the drivers installed on your computer
– Check if all the drivers installed on your computer are compatible with the version of your operating system
– Third-party drivers
– Drivers by manufacturer or brand
– Computer manufacturers
– Registry information
– Devices
– Ready to install drivers.
– Driver details
– Help
– About
– License
– Usage license
– Created in
– The first computer to run this application
– The current version
– The most recent update
– The last update
– The last updated
– The date
– Language: English
– Dialect: english
– Manufacturer: owner
– Version: x.x.x
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X-DriverBackup! | Windows 10

X-DriverBackup! | Windows 10

We have tested X-DriverBackup! to see how it does against its basic Windows 10 backup tasks. For the most part, it passes with flying colors. It’s a little less polished than Acronis, it’s more focused on drivers and it requires a backup, but overall we were quite pleased with what it has to offer. It’s available in Windows 8 or Windows 7/Vista/XP.
Visit our site for downloadable versions of X-DriverBackup!


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X-DriverBackup! Free Windows Backup and Restore

X-DriverBackup! – the best Windows backup and restore software. Fast, automatic, easy to use!
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Back up and restore drivers.
Full portability:
Restores drivers which are compatible with the backup and restore actions.
Third parties:
Restores drivers from a damaged or offline system.
Digital signature:
Excludes drivers without digital signature.
The guy behind the brand
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What’s New in the X-DriverBackup!?

X-DriverBackup! displays all the information regarding the current drivers installed on a Windows operating system. The program is very efficient and the user is given the liberty to search through all the drivers currently installed on his system.

X-DriverBackup! allows the user to search through all the devices currently installed in his PC and the user also have the chance to save in a file all the selected devices.

X-DriverBackup! has the ability to write automatically the content of the selected devices in a file which the user can later back up when wanted. Once the user has saved all the information he wants to backup, he can export it in a.xdbk file and can use that file to restore it as soon as he wants.

X-DriverBackup! also saves in a.txt file the information that the user wants to restore in a future.

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System Requirements For X-DriverBackup!:

Windows 8 or higher
OS X 10.9 or higher
Internet Explorer 11 or higher
For Windows 7 or older, we recommend the free download of an Internet Explorer 11.0 compatible browser
For Mac OS X or older, the recommended browser is Safari (version 5 or newer)
There is an age of great and small, and often I sit as a tiny, no-name internet publisher, even as I have taken the time to write out this adobe app. At some point in our lives, we are all given a chance


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