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FusionDirector21 is a free download that has many great features that you can use to easily manage all sorts of files. One of these features is to get a list of all files on your computer. But, there are some difficulties and inconveniences with this feature. Thus, we would like to show you some easy to use alternatives.

The first tool that you should know about is XmlCatalog. This is one of the best Xml and XML related tools that you can use to manage your media collection. Of course, you could also use some other related applications like FileMan, SmartXmlCatalog and Datastore Catalog. Nevertheless, XmlCatalog is far better than all of these other related applications. XmlCatalog is lightweight, efficient, easy to use, it is fast and most of all, it is free. The last thing that you should know about XmlCatalog is that it sports lots of features and is packed with awesome tools to help you in every possible way.

After installing XmlCatalog, you will be able to add catalogs to your computer in order to easily organize and manage all media files that are stored on it. You could also easily add and manage files stored on your network and on removable drives. The application also allows you to create catalogs and get a list of all files on your computer. You can also make some adjustments to the disk image. Moreover, you could also create catalogs and group them on your drives.

Besides that, you could make some adjustments to the name, path, and format of the catalog. You could also set images for all drives if you want. All in all, XmlCatalog is a very nice application that you could use to manage files on your computer efficiently.

XmlCatalog Features:

Lightweight and efficient software that allows you to create and manage catalogs
It is packed with tons of features that you can use in order to get the exact results you want
It allows you to create and manage catalogs, images, and add information about your files
You could find your catalogs on your drives
You could easily add and get a list of your files
You could make some adjustments to your catalogs
It also allows you to set your disk images
You could easily control your disks
It has an incredibly intuitive graphical interface
It is incredibly lightweight and it doesn’t take long to install
You could add, edit, delete and view folders easily
You could preview files easily

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XmlCatalog is a desktop application that allows you to manage multiple disk images. The application can be called up from a startup script or from the GNOME desktop as a panel.
XmlCatalog is a free piece of software. It is available for a limited time. You can choose between absolutely free, and 100% free versions.
Run as a panel application
XmlCatalog can be called up from a startup script or from the GNOME desktop as a panel. The startup script runs from the user’s crontab. The GNOME panel is accessible by clicking on the computer desktop icon.
XmlCatalog is also a great piece of software because it has a small file size and a small memory footprint. The startup script should be run by a user with root privileges on a machine. It is not safe for non-privileged users to run this script.
To run the startup script as a panel, first make sure that you are logged into the GNOME desktop. Right click on the desktop, select Properties and go to the Startup Applications tab. In that tab, you should select XmlCatalog and click on Apply. This will run the application as a panel.
XmlCatalog is available for most Unix systems and Linux distributions. To know more about the application, visit the project website.
XmlCatalog Review:
XmlCatalog is a powerful software that allows you to manage multiple disk images. You can easily import media files and files from the network into the application. To view and arrange your media files into folders, you will need to use the program.
To arrange your media files into folders, you will need to use the program. The easy to use interface will make it a breeze to manage your media files with this program.
The software will allow you to add, edit, and remove a folder, change the name, and save the catalog as XML. But, it doesn’t have a way to preview the files in a catalog. You could have a preview window, but it is not a built-in feature in the application.
The application lets you create a folder in your drive. You could arrange files and folders inside the created folder. But, you need to open a folder to preview files saved in it. So, it can be a bit time consuming.
You could also view all media files saved on your computer. XmlCatalog does not have a preview window to view all of the files inside a catalog. It simply displays information about the files in the catalog. You could, however

XmlCatalog Crack Free

XmlCatalog is a media cataloging application, which can convert xml catalogs into a video player’s data.

XmlCatalog Requirements:

In order for you to run XmlCatalog, you need to have the following:

512MB of RAM (This will allow you to have enough resources to run the application)
2 GB of free space (This will be used to store catalogs and file)

Please remember that the saved catalogs cannot be accessed if you want to uninstall XmlCatalog or reinstall it again.

Click on the name of the catalog and click on open in catalog. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-N in order to open new catalog.

XmlCatalog Shortcuts

Once again, Ctrl-N opens a new catalog. The default text search is case insensitive.

Ctrl-X removes all search results.

Ctrl-I opens the insert dialog.

Ctrl-O opens the main window.

XmlCatalog Main Features:

You can create as many catalogs as you want.

You can use a lot of simple tools in order to:

Make multiple folders, manage their states and properties.

Add files and folders to catalog.

Export or share data.

XmlCatalog Screenshots:

As you can see from the screenshots below, XmlCatalog features a really nice graphical interface with lots of nice tools at hand.

You can also manage multiple catalogs at once.





Date Modified



Date Added











Album Artist



Number of Tracks





Create a new catalog.

Add files and folders.

You can drag and drop files in order to add them. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A or Ctrl+I in order to select all the files in the current catalog in order to add them to the catalog.

You can also add folders.

You can add folders from the Explorer or by clicking on the folder which will add it to the catalog.

You can also add files and folders by clicking on them

What’s New In XmlCatalog?

XmlCatalog (XML Catalog) is a solution for a client that wants to effectively present a catalog of their pictures. XmlCatalog will be able to give the user the power to create a customized xmldoc file from scratch or to add pictures and movies and put them into an existing catalog or group them into a new catalog that will be created at the time of a click.

XmlCatalog is an interface for creating and presenting catalog of your files, Music, videos, movie, images, playlists. You can browse them fast, in a tree view, simply drag and drop files into your catalogs.
It works with modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and even the newest Android, Windows Phone and iOS browsers.

XML Catalog Features:
– Create, import and export catalogs in HTML or XML
– Plugins for: iTunes, Windows Media Player and foobar2000
– All of the things you would do in Windows Explorer
– Connect to: FTP
– Open files from an existing catalog
– Import images and images into catalogs
– Copy files, images, folders, playlist of video and images to other catalogs
– Import all of the stuff you do on Windows Explorer in another catalog
– Create documents like presentations, HTML or XML files
– View files in an interactive tree view
– View files information like size, date and extension type
– Open files from a catalog in XmlCatalog
– Edit files
– Rename files
– Minimize files to tray
– Create sub folders and keep all their properties
– Create and remove a specific number of files
– Hide files
– Create as many catalogs as you want
– Save a catalog as an XML document

Install FileXML. After you run the setup, it will install the files into you local drive.

Start FileXML. Open the application by clicking on its icon in the taskbar.

Create New Folder. To create a new folder, Right Click on a blank space of the desktop and select “Create New Folder”. Enter a Name for the Folder.

Create Catalog. Create a Catalog, Right Click on a blank space of the desktop and select “Create New Catalog”.

Create a Folder inside a Catalog. Make a New Folder inside an existing Catalog.

Choose a Catalog Template. You can create a new Catalog or edit an existing one. Choose a Catalog Template to create a new Catalog.


System Requirements For XmlCatalog:

Windows OS (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10)
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.66 GHz or above
RAM: 256 MB or higher
VGA: 1024×768 or higher
Hard disk space: 100 MB or higher
DirectX: 9.0c
Additional Notes:
One VR headset is required (Xbox 360, PS3, PC, or mobile device)
One wireless controller is required
Final Fantasy XIV Online requires a connection to the internet. For more information, please


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